nico vega


The Lumberjack Singularity, with @starfoozle and @suzirya (left and center). The song is ‘Beast’ by Nico Vega.

understand the palm of my hand, bitch || emily || until dawn

i. bubblegum bitch // marina and the diamonds ii. body of my own // charlie xcx iii. fuck you // lily allen iv. irresistible // fall out boy v. bad reputation // joan jett vi. bad girls // m.i.a vii. castle // halsey viii. the devil within // digital daggers ix. my songs know what you did in the dark // fall out boy x. midnight kiss // propellers xi. mardy bum // arctic monkeys xii. she’s a genius // jet xiii. angel of small death and the codeine scene // hozier xiv. knee socks // arctic monkeys xv. bad habit // the kooks xvi. gravity // nico vega xvii. alphabet boy // melanie martinez || LISTEN


happy new year lets bring back 2007