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The Ultimate Dystopian Playlist

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1. Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

2. Bones by Ms Mr

3. Uprising by Muse

4. We Are Responsible by Anna Johnson

5. Anything Could Happen by Elli Goulding

6. Renegades by X Ambassadors

7. Resistance by Muse

8. Stompa by Serena Ryder

9. It’s Time by Imagine Dragons

10. Lantern by Josh Ritter

11. Human by The Killers

12. Final Masquerade by Linkin Park

13. Escape by Kongos

14. Drive it Like You Stole it by the Glitch Mob

15. Edge of a Revolution by Nickelback

16. Crystals by Of Monsters and Men

17. Hero of War by Rise Against

18. Search and Destroy by 30
Seconds to Mars

19. Secrets by OneRepublic

20. Monsters by Matchbook Romance

21. Invincible by Skillet

22. Gold by Imagine Dragons

23. Human Race by Three Days Grace

24. Into the Fire by Thirteen Senses

25. Vox Populi by 30 Seconds to Mars

26. Human by Christina Perri

27. Some Kind of Monster by Neon Trees

28. What I’ve Done by Linkin Park

29. Away From the Sun by Three Doors Down

30. State of My Head by Shinedown

31. Cough Syrup by Young The Giant

32. Sick Of It by Skillet

33. Centuries by Fall Out Boy

34. Mountain At My Gate by Foals

35. Castle by Halsey

36. Pompeii by Bastille

37. Save the World by Swedish House Mafia

38. Who We Are by Imagine Dragons

39. I Own You by Shinedown

40. Collective Amnesia by Rise Against

41. Viva La Vida by Coldplay

42. Inferred by Placebo

43. Young Volcanoes by Fall Out Boy

44. Burn by Elli Goulding

45. Derezzed by The Glitch Mob

46. You Make Me Want to Die by The Pretty Reckless

47. Glittering Clouds by Imogen Heap

48. Outcast by Shinedown

49. Oh, What a Life by American Authors

50. It’s About Time by Young The Giant

51. Kingdom of Rust by Doves

52. Somewhere Only We Know by Keane

53. Kerosene Dreams by X Ambassadors

54. Recondite mixed by Wahbi Abderrahamane

55. Aftermath by Muse

56. Ready, Aim, Fire by Imagine Dragons

57. Empty Gold by Halsey

58. Believer by Imagine Dragons

59. Meet Me On the Battlefield by SVRCINA

60. Feed The Machine by Nickelback

61. The Bad in Each Other by Fiest

62. Warrior by Beth Crowley

63. Midnight City by M83

64. Not Afraid Anymore by Halsey

65. Yamaha by Delta Spirit

66. Beast by Nico Vega

67. Polarize by Twenty One Pilots

68. Gasoline by Halsey

songs for the companions

Cait: Body of My Own by Charli XCX

Codsworth: I Will Wait by Mumford & Sons

Curie: We Will Become Silhouettes by The Postal Service

Danse: I Am Not A Robot by Marina and the Diamonds

Deacon: Body by Mother Mother

Hancock: Beast by Nico Vega

MacCready: Cha-Ching by Imagine Dragons

Nick: Human by Daughter

Piper: Fear and Loathing by Marina and the Diamonds

Preston: High Hopes by Kodaline

X6-88: Get Out the Way by Mother Mother


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Bedtime Story, Part II

    “Nico…” Will pleaded. He sounded so heartbroken.

   "Get out!“ Nico yelled, covering his face with both hands. Something cold touched his face.

   "No, Nico, you don’t understand…”

   Nico pulled his left hand away, eyes wide. Right next to his pinky shined a small, gold band. “Oh,” he squeaked, terrified. Then he looked to Will. “Is that… are we?”

   The doctor’s sad, apologetic look met Nico’s gaze.

   "Fuck. It is. Oh my god, we are. You… and I. Oh my god,“ Nico breathed, "OH. MY GOD.”

   Despite how he felt, the least Will could do was sympathize. So he scooched a little closer, reaching a hand out to the brunnette’s shoulder. “Nico, it’s okay, we’ll -”

   But as soon as Will made contact, Nico’s very scattered, very shocked reflexes took over.

   "Ow!“ Will shouted, holding his nose.

   "What the fuck?” Nico yelled.

   "‘What the fuck?’ Why are are you asking me 'what the fuck’? I should be asking you 'what the fuck’! You just punched me!“


   "I’m not a stranger! I mean, not by normal standards, I know we only met two days ago but -“

   "Two days…” Nico whispered, so quiet Will couldn’t even hear.

   "Just because we were drunk doesn’t mean I didn’t get to know you. I know you quite well I think and you got to know me and-“

   "TWO DAYS!?”

   "Well - yeah, I mean, you were passed out for most of the second one but -“

   "They must be freaking out! Oh my god, what time is it?”

   For a second, neither one of them moved. Nico stared at him, eyes wide. “This whole trip was supposed to be done in two days, what if they left without me? What time is it, Solace?” Nico spat.

   "I don’t know!“

   Nico scrambled to the edge of the bed, grabbing his phone. "Fuck,” he whispered, then leapt into action. His head seemed to break the moment he stood, but he ignored it, blinking furiously as he searched the room for his clothes. He had just put his pants on when he noticed Will staring. Nico hissed, “Could you not?”

   "Sorry,“ Will said, in a tone that meant he wasn’t sorry at all. Nico just shook his head. "Right. I don’t have time for this.”

   Nico threw his phone at Will, aiming for his face. Unfortunately, Will caught it. “Put your number in there, okay? I’ll message you so that we can work out the divorce.”

   "Divorce?“ Will’s face fell. "Don’t you want to think on it, at least?”

   "No. I made a mistake. I’m sorry, but I do not want to be married to you,“ Nico explained, frantically doing up his buttons. As soon as he was sufficiently covered, he marched over to Will, who had still barely moved. "Got your number in there?”

   "Yeah, but -“

   "Good. I’ll text you later. Bye. Sorry.” Nico rushed to the door. He just hoped he wasn’t too late.

  “Nico?” sounded Percy, who was the first to see him pop out of the room.

  “Dude! Nico was here the whole time!” shouted Jason.

   "Yeah! I just figured that out!“

   "But we totally checked here!”

   "Leo, didn’t you check?“

   "Well…” Leo started carefully.

   "Leo!“ Jason and Percy shouted.

   "It’s not my fault! Some of those girls with the sparkly booty shorts walked by!”


   All that went down in a matter of seconds… right? Nico was having a hard time processing it. But even as they continued to argue, Nico couldn’t possibly interrupt. He wanted to cry, he was so happy. He must not have realized how worried he was that he might not see them again. Even so, he wanted to rip their throats out. Leo’s especially. He fucking MARRIED someone. They didn’t even know where he was and he MARRIED someone. If they had been there for him none of this would have happened.

   "SHUT UP!” he screamed, completely silencing the bickering boys. “JUST SHUT UP!”

   Nico was seething. Even the satisfying look of terror on Frank’s face didn’t calm him. Actually, all the boys were staring at him. Every one of them looked completely flabbergasted. Maybe he was too aggressive this time? Nico was starting to panic a little, but then their expressions faded slowly into cheesy, stupid, grinning amusement.

  “Dude,” Leo whispered to Percy. Then, when the gaping idiot didn’t reply, Leo began to smack his arm. “Dude.

   Nico spun to where they were staring. Oh….. oh, fuck! He was so stupid. How did he forget?


   "Oh, so that’s his name!” shouted Leo. God, he sounded like a kid at a birthday.

   Nico felt like stabbing himself. “What the fuck! Will! What are you doing?”

   Will’s eyes darted between the large crowd of people, the towel he was holding over his junk, the wallet, and Nico. “Uh, you were running and I thought -”

   "You wouldn’t bother with pants?“

   Immediately, Will’s poise turned into nervous blushing. "No. Well, yes, I just -”

   Nico, shining in crimson, nearly punched him again. “I don’t fucking care! Just - ugh!” Nico started shoving him back into the room and closed the door on Will’s protests.

   When Nico spun around, the first thing he noticed was Leo’s face, lit up like a firework. Jason seemed to be thinking something through. Frank was averting his eyes and looking shy, but Percy… Percy was completely freaked out. His own friend, disgusted. Apparently, that was all it took for Nico’s eyes to well up. Leo didn’t notice.

   "Dude! Who was that. He’s like, WAY out of your league.“

   Nico was taken aback, but he didn’t have the energy to lie. "His name… is Will. Will Solace.”

   Leo was still hitting Percy, who hadn’t moved. He snorted, “Who names their kid after a doctor?”

   "No, he actually - um, is the doctor.“

   Leo’s slaps got more aggressive. "YOU were IN BED with a FAMOUS DOCTOR? BRO, WE BARELY TOUCHED VEGAS. YOU’RE A PRO.”

    Nico’s face felt like a furnace. Jesus, he had to tell them, didn’t he. He did. Oh, fuck. This was not how he had pictured coming out. At all. Though Leo was oddly supportive. Mind you, it was just cause he’d fucked someone, but still.

   "Well, actually, I -“

   "You didn’t smash? Dude, why was he naked, then? I’m confused.”

    “No, w-we did. O - or at least I - I think so…”

   "Bro, how drunk were you if you can’t even remember?“ Leo asked, a bit of concern touching his excitable tone.

   "I - don’t know that’s not the p -”

   "Why weren’t you with us, Nico? You would have been a lot safer.“ Jason added. Of course that would be the first thing he said.

    "I don’t know maybe I just -”

    “We did have fun, it would have been better if we knew you were safe,” Frank commented.

    “I’m sorry, I was -”

    “SMASHING A DOCTOR!” Leo again.

   "WOULD YOU JUST SHUT UP?“ Nico shrieked. The whole group took a step back. Well, except Percy. "I’m - I’m trying to tell you something.”

  Leo had stopped hitting people. But he glanced over to Jason and whispered, “What else could there be to tell? I thought STI’s didn’t make an appearance for a few weeks at -”

   "Leo, shut up,“ Jason said, eyes on Nico. "Nico, what is it?”

   He nodded. If possible, his face must have gotten hotter. “I - um - well, I may have had sex with him b-but if I did it w-was because I um. He - well - I.. acci - accidentally married him,” Nico shut his eyes, wincing. Waiting for whatever yelling the group had to do.

   "Y - you’re gay?“ Percy asked. Nico gulped, but not before Leo and Jason hit him. He barely flinched, just holding a confused eyelock with Nico.

   Nico looked down. "Y - yeah. No shit, Sherlock,” he murmered angrily.

   "Bring him out,“ Percy demanded, stone faced.


   "The doctor. Bring him out. I want to see him.“

   Nico hesitated. But after a few seconds of that glare, he was defenseless. "O - okay.”

   He his head slowly towards the door. “Solace? Can you - can you come out, now?”

   "Well, I won’t be coming out with as much style as you did but -“ he opened the door, "Hi, my name is Will, I’m Pansexual.”

    Nico blinked. If he had recovered from his embarrassment at all, this was definitely a relapse. No one moved. Except Leo, who felt the need to smack Frank. He would have smacked Percy, but Percy was too busy glaring at Will.

   "No? Tough crowd?“ Will joked, still smiling awkwardly. At least he had managed to put on some pants.

   Percy stepped forwards. "Do you think this is a game, Solace?”

   "I… I wouldn’t count it, no.“

   "Over here,” he growled. He was really starting to scare Nico. No one had ever seen him like this, as far as he knew. Even Solace dropped his smile.

   Will shuffled past Nico, to the middle of the hallway and near Percy.

  Percy took another step forwards, closing the gap. His face was inches from Will’s. “If you so much as look at a hair on his head wrong, Solace, you’re dead,” he snarled. “My friend has been through a lot and he doesn’t need you being another fucking hole in his heart, you understand me? I think I speak for everyone when I say I’d gladly go to jail for Nico, so if I spend my life behind bars I more than happy to make sure it’s because you were spending yours in a hospital bed. Do not. Hurt him. You got that?” he hissed, voice low and quiet. Menacing.

   Will looked up at him, determination in his eyes. “Yes, I do.”

   "Good.“ Percy’s nose twitched, then he turned to Nico. "I’m not proud of you for making such a rash decision, but I am proud of you for seeking help. Congratulations on coming out, and on your marriage. I’ll do my best to support you, no matter what decision you make.”

   Nico gulped. He really hoped he wouldn’t cry.


   Will practically skipped in, holding the breakfast tray like it was the key to neverland. “Nico….. Nico wake up!” he chuckled, setting the tray down and yanking the blinds open. A small groan echoed from the pile of blankets on the bed. Will turned around, cheeky as ever. Glaring at him was a very sleepy and very stubborn looking Nico.

   "I hate you, Solace.“

   "Ah, come on, we both know that’s not true.”

   Nico just wrinkled his nose. He looked about to hide under his covers again, but then he lifted his head back up.

   "Wait a minute… is that?“ he laughed a bit, "did you bring me McDonalds for breakfast.”

   "Kids Meal, on me,“ Will winked.


   "Awe, come on, Sunshine. It’s almost noon, anyways,“ Will chuckled, swinging his hips as he danced over to the lump on the mattress.

   Nico groaned again. "Do not call me Sunshine.”

   Will hopped onto the bed, poking Nico where he guessed his stomach was. “Fine, my little ray of darkness.”

   Out of nowhere, the blankets exploded, and Nico was at Will’s eye level, giving a full level death stare. Will just grinned. “Happy anniversary, Nico.”