nico nico trash

  • Nico: Also, from now on we’ll be using code names. You can address me as “eagle one”.
  • Nico: Percy. Code name: “been there, done that”.
  • Nico: Will is “currently doing that”.
  • Nico: Leo is ”it happened once in a dream”.
  • Nico: Piper. Code name: “if I had to pick a chick”.
  • Nico: Reyna is… “eagle two”.
  • Reyna: Oh thank Gods.
  • Jason: [ puts himself in position ]
  • Nico: Guys, “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think about it” is in position!

Nico: *playing pokemon* hmm I think I’ll choose squirtle

Percy: Oh really?

Nico: Oh no

Percy: I never really thought

Nico: Please don’t

Percy: I mean why would you choose the water one

Nico: Please

Percy: I didn’t think it wAS YOUR TYPE