nico nico music master


ito kashitaro & lefty monster - sayonara no kawari ni

lefty was complaining every week on nicoraji before music master that he was left out and how much he wanted to play on stage too.. and then he just came and surprised kashitaro who didnt know i just loved that surprise moment it was so FUCKING CUTE oh god

lefty: well.. i thought you’d be lonely without me

Nico Nico Music Master

It’s really good! I love Kashitaro’s voice~ And Amatsuki’s too~. I missed Gero though T^T. I wanna stay up and watch more of it, but it’s late and I’m really tired. Maybe I’ll be fortunate and find that someone recorded it tomorrow? Who knows. Well, goodnight everyone~ Oyasumi~


Ahh I almost forgot that I uploaded this on vimeo, but here’s Amatsuki and Kashitarou Itou’s Children Record performance from the concert!

Yi Er Fanclub and Noushou Sakuretsu Girl will be uploaded later (around 40 minutes).


Kashitarou Itou singing Sayonara no Kawari Ni with Lefty MonsterP at Nico Nico Music Master! 

This is one of my favorite performances from the concert! (*´▽`*)

Nico Nico Music Master

I apologize to everyone that’s been trying to download the files and hasn’t been able to. I’m really bad with this computer/technical stuff, but I figured out what was wrong, and I’ll be reuploading all the files again tonight! Hopefully they’ll be downloadable this time, but if it still doesn’t work, I guess I’ve figure out how to make it downloadable through torrent. 

Again, I’m really sorry about about all this, and I haven’t had time to figure out what was wrong with them until now, but I’ll try to get working links up ASAP!