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  • Alarm: *goes off*
  • Me: fuck fuck fuck why the hell am I so tired rn?!
  • Me: *flashbacks to blogging about my OTP until the sun rises*
  • Me: nope nope definitely not that it's probably because of the microwaveable mac and cheese I ate for dinner last night yeah that totally makes sense... *internal nervous laughter*
Happy Birthday, Jason 💙
  • Jason: woaaaah Thank you, guys!
  • Leo: I love you, buddy! Here's your present!
  • Jason: oooo thank you for the t-shirt with your picture on it!
  • Jason: I LOVE IT!
  • {1st of July}

I see Franky carrying Robin all the time but never the reverse, which is weird because she without a doubt could, she’s totally ripped.

(This was meant to be a companion piece to my last Frobin drawing, but I got lazy and put it off for half a year … though if I’m being honest, I didn’t even really finish the original ……)