nico monday


Hey guys! So there was a livestream on Nico this past Monday, and during it the cast of Sailor Moon Crystal did a live reading of some of the Sailor Moon manga!!! They read one of the short stories, “The Melancholy of Makoto”. It was so neat!!! So here’s an edit with the manga to read along in English!

My boyfriend did most of the work for this, so here’s a huge shoutout to philipawalker for his hard work!

Credit for the scanlation goes to MissDream

Check it out!

for the rarepairproject (do i suck at formatting already?)     

title: i wore my coat with golden lining, bright colors shining                              

pairing: (well, implied) jason/nico (jasico)

prompt: otp-monday                                                        

warnings: n/a

so i was drawing a nico wearing his bff’s leatherman jacket and then somehow godly lighting appeared. what.

accept my humble offerings anyway?