nico macaleese


Nico MacAleese ✘Crime Boss

Age➜ 35
Favorite Weapon➜ Glock 23, Pietro Beretta
Affiliation➜ MacAleese

Availability➜ Taken 

A little something about Nico...

Born and raised  in Brixton, England, Nicolas was subjected to abusive, alcoholic parents. His father liked to use the belt, his mother liked to pop her pills and Nico was left to fend for himself. Some call them chavs, others just low lives but Nico found himself hanging with Britain’s less-than-elite. Stealing cars, tagging buildings, robbing liquor stores. That was Nico’s life. 

Flash forward a few dozen years and he’s sitting on top of a small empire, ever growing and climbing. He got here with pride, with dignity and without selling anyone out. He’s taken on his old boss’ last name, the man who raised him into this life, into this world. He carries it with honor.  Prison’s only been a small inconvenience. He might not be a good father, a good man or even a good friend but he’s a damn good boss and that’s what counts. 

More about his personality...
  • Nico likes his alone time and prefers to spend his days playing video games, drinking tequila in the privacy of his own domain. He’s not one for commitment or long term relationships, though everyone he sleeps with has their own little piece of his heart. 
  •  Nico has an addictive personality meaning, when he tries something and likes it, he can’t ever seem to get enough of it. Drugs, liquor, sex- it all comes in spurts and fades away like a dying fire. 
  • He’s been married twice, has children and can’t seem to make the domestic life work out. It’s blame can be pointed to his tenacious demeanor and fuck you attitude. 
Everyone has connections...
  • Jacob MacAleese- Deceased Boss
  • Cameron Symth- Old flame
  • Cage Mancini- Old apprentice
  • Mikel Antakov- Contact, friend
  • Kenji Yoshida- Former contact
  • John Gotti III- Contact
  • Joshua Schwartz- Former contact
  • Sean McCreary- Contact, frienemy