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This is set 3/? of my finished color palette meme asks! you can find the originals here. I swear, all of these used the color red or blue in some way. only like a couple of these used green. over all this set’s style is kinda all over the place, lol. the middle set looks especially simplistic in comparison to the top and bottom sets.

please do not steal or repost these.

A Good Run Of Bad Luck

Summary: Contrary to popular belief - the gods have been immeasurably kind to Sally Jackson.
It’s a fact she realises (too bad it took a few deaths) eventually, but maybe not everyone agrees with her line of reasoning.

Character(s): Sally J., Percy J., Apollo, Nico A., Baby Jackson

Rating: T

Genre: Family/Hurt/Comfort

Words: 4636

Warnings (if applied): Character Death, Angst

Misc. Notes: This takes place four months after The Dark Prophecy (no spoilers from the book though). Further information provided inside.

Can check it out on AO3 or FFN, or scroll below.

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Okay I’m counting my Nicos. So far I’ve written Nico as:

  1. 19th century noble bastard (j)
  2. working in a flower shop (j)
  3. working in a coffee shop (j)
  4. coroner (j)
  5. RPG GM (j)
  6. Goblin (j)
  7. Goblin KING (p)
  8. Sleeping Beauty (p)
  9. the girl from Rumpelstiltskin (p)
  10. Student riding trains (j)
  11. Pre-med student who likes poetry (j)
  12. going on a sailing trip (p)
  13. cellist in a band (j)
  14. jailbird (j)
  15. a guy who knocks on the wrong door (j)
  16. a guy who falls asleep in libraries (j)
  17. playing Danny in Grease  (j)
  18. phone sex operator (j)
  19. demon/fallen angel (j)
  20. comic book artist/nanny (j)
  21. pirate (j)
  22. magician? (j)
  23. model/makeup student (j)
  24. kid from the 1940s on a spaceship (j)
  25. trapped in the Aperture Science Enrichment Center  (pa)
  26. heir to the empire (p)
  27. mysterious guy from Skyrim (jp)
  28. sneaking around zombies (p)
  29. going to a high school for superheroes (j) 
  30. playing mood music at a movie set (j)
  31. exchange student (jp)

actually that’s less than I thought, though I didn’t count anything that’s vaguely canonverse or only AU after BOO came out, nor the stuff on my computer I haven’t published anywhere.

Did I miss something?