nico huelkenberg

I Thought He Was a Straightforward, Boring Guy, but Actually...
  • Q: What are you up to for the next two months before winter testing gets underway in February?
  • Nico Huelkenberg: I will try to get some rest and gear up my social life again by catching up and chilling out with friends. I’ll be doing normal stuff like going to the movies - I haven't seen the new James Bond film yet. Then I will make a few visits to Hinwil, where my new team is based, and once we enter the New Year I will work hard on my fitness thoughout January before testing starts in the first week of February. And I almost forgot an important thing: isn’t this the season of Santa Claus? As the song goes, 'He knows if you've been bad or good'. I’ve been good so please put a competitive 2013 car for me in your sack, Santa. (laughs)