One day, when Percy and Annabeth are with Will and Nico just shows up and starts to tell Will about something really exciting and he’s a bit jumpy and he’s smiling and pretty loud. will is all smiles but then he notices that Percy has tears in his eyes and they ask him what’s wrong but
Percy just turns to Annabeth and says

“Our Nico is back,”

  • Percy knocks at Cabin 13 door. There is a loud noise of something breaking and a commotion.
  • Nico's voice screams: IN A MINUTE.
  • Then Nico open the door, wearing a CHB shirt, a bowl in the belt instead of the sword.
  • Nico: Hey u.
  • A loud noise of someone falling is heard from the side of the cabin. Percy bends over and sees Will lying on the floor in front of the window, wearing a skull shirt.
  • Percy looks back at Nico: Bro wtf

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any one shots surrounding bisexual!percy. maybe piper helping him come to terms with it?? (also anything about sassy!nico is amazing)

Sure, before I beginning I want to make a disclaimer that I had not had experience with anything like this so I do not want to act like this is suppose to be a representation of anyone or reflects any of my thoughts from it. Because of this, I will be making this more of a bullet ed list than in a story per say because again, I don’t want to insult of offend anyone because that is not my intention what so ever. If there is something that is offensive do not be afraid to call me out and I will be more than happy to change it and again, apologizes in advance if I say something that is offensive to anyone.

-Percy’s feelings towards those of the same gender start young. His first crush is a boy in his second grade class.

-Percy tries to impress said boy by picking a fight with another boy but just ends up getting in trouble.

-Let’s just say that Gabe was not happy with hearing this, and when he finds out why, it doesn’t end well.

-Percy stops feeling attraction to guys after this for quite, the phrase “It isn’t normal Percy, don’t cause your mom more trouble.” rings in his mind.

-When he arrives at Camp Half-Blood, Percy feels something special for Luke, however after the betrayal, again, his feelings towards guys stop.

-He then develops a crush on Annabeth (I mean how could you not), and for quite some time forgets about previous attractions, believing it to be just a “phase”

-Percy also finds somewhat of an attraction to Jason, thinking “Whoa! He’s hot, how can I compete with that?”

-It isn’t until Percy see’s Solangelo walking around all happy, that he remembers his attraction to Jason.

-After a few months of internal struggle, Percy talks with Piper.

-He feels guilty at first and kinda blurts out all at one time,”Okay so I may or may not think Jason is really hot, and I’m not trying to steal him or anything and I still love Annabeth and please just don’t hate me but I understand if you do now.” and then starts crying.

-Piper’s comforts him, thinking ”what? at first, but she gets him to calm down and then gets him to talk.

-He tells her everything and she just nods and is totally understanding. 

-Piper comforts him saying it’s totally normal and that she, along with most of her cabin, as well as other campers, aren’t exactly straight either, and thats okay.

-Percy also admits that he doesn’t know what his sexuality is exactly, and again, Piper tells him that fine and Percy, with Piper’s help eventually figures out that he is bi.

-While on a date with Annabeth, Percy, finally knowing what he is, randomly blurts out ”Listen I love you to death, and I’m not saying this because I don’t, I’m saying this because I love you, trust you, and want you to know, that I’m bisexual and I hope this doesn’t change the way you feel about me.”

-Annabeth just gives him a hug and kiss him, mumbling in between kisses, ”Never!

-Sally’s reaction is quite similar to Annabeth’s.

-Everyone knows by the end of the year, and all Percy gets is good reactions.

-When Nico finds out, he is enraged but for a different reason. He immediately confronts Percy saying ”You had me thinking I was chasing after a straight guy all those years!” And after calming down adds ”Welcome to the club, Jackson, if you ever need someone to talk to, I’m here.”

-Nico and Percy become really close after this, and him, Piper, and Nico sometimes just watch other guys while training, commenting things such as ”Those aBS!” and “If I weren’t dating Annabeth, I think I would be crushing hard.” 

-Annabeth, Jason, and Will just watch them, shaking their head and sometimes dragging their lover away if they get too jealous.

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Burn- Solangelo AU One Shot

I’m supposed to be on hiatus but…. eh. This encompasses like six Hamilton songs lolololol. 

*Trigger-warning: cheating/angst but also lots of fluff and hope? Idk. Let me know what you think :) 

A crème colored envelope with Nico’s name in elegant script waited for him when he got home. “A letter?” he questioned. His father shrugged and continued cooking.

“Who’s it from?” Hazel asked as he and Bianca peeked over his shoulder, setting his backpack down.

“I don’t know. It doesn’t have a name besides mine.” He furrowed his eyebrows and bit his lip. There was only one name that came to mind, but… a letter? In this century? “Excuse me,” he said, gripping the envelope as he went to his room.

He took a breath and slid his finger under the flap of the envelope and across, opening it carefully. He took out the sheet of paper that was inside, covered in looping inked letters.

Dear Nico, I told you I could be cheesy didn’t I? Letters are a lost form of art, and I believe they represent a closeness we’ve long lost as a society. I like them though. I hope you do too. It saves me from the embarrassment of gushing over you over a text, waiting anxiously for you to answer. Though I do wish I could see your face as you read this. I can imagine the blush flooding your cheeks, and I can imagine your dark eyes widening as you realize I’m right but try to deny it even to yourself. Am I right?

To Nico’s dismay, he was.

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This is my Jasico / PJO song I wrote for my demo album, it is also part of an upcoming full length album inspired by the fanfic Homebound by @leporidaes!

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ya lit meme - 2/7 friendships

the seven of the prophecy + reyna & nico   ➝ heroes of olympus

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You Are Watching: GHOST KING (part 21)

The party was pretty much in full swing when Mitchell decided to show up, okay decided wasn’t really the word for it, more like worked up the courage to walk in. Which was just silly. At least to him.

This was new. To be nervous to walk into Connor’s house. He had done it plenty of times in the past…but this was different. Unlike then, Mitchell was very aware of his feelings for Connor. Oh how he wished for it to be like simpler times when he was an oblivious idiot. Don’t we all, Buddy? Don’t we all?

But Connor had looked so hopeful and excited and stupidly cute when he had invited him to the party that Mitchell just could not refuse.

Which he was still chastising himself about.

When he couldn’t spot the familiar mop of brown curls amongst all the bodies in the room he sighed in relief before making his way to the punch bowl. He at least had time to calm himself before his best friend found him or vice versa.

It was weird. Usually he was the person people went to for relationship advice, he was the expert so to say since his mother was a pretty well known matchmaker, but when it came to himself, it was like all his knowledge about love and relationships and flirting(etc.)went out the window. It was laughable really.

As he zoned out, lost in his thoughts he almost didn’t notice someone standing right beside him. Almost.

He will admit he jumped and his heart was racing so rapidly the blue headed teen thought he could have out beat a hummingbird for crying out loud. And it didn’t slow down in the least when he recognized the person as Reyna, Connor’s older sister.

“H-Hey Reyna. I didn’t see you there.” Was his eloquent reply as he placed a hand over his heart and sighed, flashing the dark haired girl a small smile.

Reyna lifted an eyebrow and the corner of her lip twitched, she was amused, that much is clear.

“Hey Mitchell. I could tell.” she said with a small chuckle as she grabbed a cup of punch, took a sip, promptly stuck out her tongue and made a noise of disgust before setting it down.

‘Note to self: the punch is spiked. DONT DRINK IT!’ Mitchell reminded himself and shoved the memory of last St. Patrick’s day when Connor and Travis had thrown another party down into a dark corner in his mind.

“So what are you doing here? Normally you don’t come to your brother’s parties.” Mitchell questioned, trying to make conversation.

Reyna nodded as a way of agreeing him and promptly crossed her arms. “Well normally, I’m not supposed to know about these parties…which I really don’t see how I’m not supposed to notice when I go to the same school as Connor and Travis, I think they forget that sometimes, and plus the parties are always at my house? Like, I honestly don’t know how they think I don’t know about them. Usually I just ignore them and go hang out with Nico. I can allow the boys some fun, as long as everyone behaves in some sense and as long as they clean up, then I’m good.” The brunette explained with a sharp nod as though mentally agreeing with herself this time. “I came to this one because it didn’t follow their pattern.”

Mitchell laughed. He actually asked himself how Reyna hadn’t known about the parties since, again, they were in her house. Now this explained it perfectly. “That explains a lot actually.” He mused.

“Wait….what do you mean it didn’t follow their pattern?”

“Oh you didn’t notice?”

Mitchell shook his head.

“Well normally they only throw parties after big games, midterms, finals, and dances,” Reyna explained, “Also holidays, but like the big ones like Christmas and Halloween, not the smaller ones like St. Patrick’s Day… but our parents know about those ones, and those ones tend to be mild compared to these.”

As if to prove her point a guy stripped down to his underwear with a mustache and monocle drawn on his face and a paper bowl placed on his head like a hat, ran past them and out the back door and into the pool with a big splash.

She then turned to him with a 'see-what-i-mean’ look. “But anyways what’s wrong with you? You looked deep in thought when I came to talk.”

To many, Reyna might have sounded harsh and intimidating him for answers, but he knew her well and long enough to know that she was actually worried about him.

And at any other time he would gladly rant to her about his problems …..if his problems weren’t about liking her younger brother so damn much!

But on the other hand, Reyna was not one of those people that teased you if they knew you were having a hard time with something or someone. She would give the best advice she could and Mitchell really admired her for it. So maybe he could tell her what was wrong….“she is a rather trustworthy person.” He thought.

Just as he was about to tell her all about his troubles, someone had fallen into him, making him tilt back and…uh oh the punch bowl is tipping. Tipping towards him. The person who ran into him is already standing up and probably apologising. And then they realized he was still falling and tried to grab his hand to help. But it was too late. For the help. And the punch.

As he was getting coated in the more-alcohol-than-punch punch, he recognized the person that had fallen into him was Nico di Angelo. A smirking Nico di Angelo.

'Why is he smirking?’
“I’m so sorry!” Nico exclaimed as he held out a hand to a very soaked Mitchell.

He helped the boy up and tried to make himself look innocent but Reyna was having none of that. She knew. She always knows.

Thank goodness Mitchell didn’t know. Though he did look kind of suspicious of Nico.

“Its…..fine.” Mitchell stated calmly. On the inside he was kinda upset. He spent quite a while choosing his outfit for tonight and now he smelt heavily of alcohol. And he felt sticky. Which is awful since he felt sticky everywhere. And I do mean everywhere.

With a grimace and a sigh he tried to maneuver his way to the bathroom after waving goodbye to Nico and Reyna. He completely missed Reyna narrowing her eyes at Nico who in turn was wearing a shit eating grin.


“Woah! Ewwwwwwwww! Dude why are you so sticky?” Connor so eloquently asked as he quite literally ran into Mitchell on his way to Nico to ask him what the hell all that was.

Mitchell was frowning as he muttered something under his breath and pushed himself off of Connor’s chest.

Sensing his distress Connor placed a hand gently on the small of Mitchell’s back and led him up to his room.

“D-Do you want to use our shower?” Connor asked as he rubbed the back of his neck and closed the door behind them. Mitchell stood in the middle with his arms crossed and a pout ever present on his face. Connor was definitely not thinking about kissing that pout off those lips. Yeah definitely not. Psssh totally not.

“I’m fine…’s mostly my jacket that got wet….and my pants a little bit but since we wear the same size can I borrow some?” Mitchell asked with a sigh as he took off his jacket with a grimace.

The two often shared clothes so this was nothing new but nevertheless Connor still blushed. “Y-Yeah. Of course. Pick which ever one’s you would like. You can even just slip on some sweats if you want.”

“Mmm…..I would prefer sweats but it is a party so I’ll just throw on some of your jeans. Are the pink and blue one’s clean?”

“They should be. I haven’t worn them in a while.”


Mitchell was pretty proud of himself for acting calm throughout this whole ordeal, because on the inside he was freaking the fuck out.

He, of course, has been in Connor’s room many times before now but that was before he realized his feelings. Now he felt….nervous, almost being in his best friends room and borrowing his clothing. Again, this was something they always did. But now Mitchell was aware of how the clothes fit on him as he slipped on the jeans that got dyed pink and blue from a prank war and one of Connor’s graphic t-shirts. They were soft and had a distinct smell of dawn laundry softener, Old Spice deodorant, and campfire smoke, a smell distinctly Connor. It was comforting.

Once he had changed he turned around and noticed Connor facing the opposite direction in order to give him some privacy. He smiled fondly at the boy before him before clearing his throat. “I’m done.”

The brunet turned around and smiled at him. “I’m sorry that happened to you. Who knew Nico was so clumsy?”

“I know right? Maybe he had some of the…"punch”.“ Mitchell suggested with a shrug.

"Maybe…..uh…here!,” Connor exclaimed as he held out his letterman jacket to Mitchell with a blush on his face.

Well it looked like a blush but maybe Mitchell was just imagining it. Maybe it was too hot in the room despite the window being open?

Connor must have sensed his confusion because he let out a soft chuckle and draped the jacket over Mitchell’s shoulders. They were so close now! Their faces merely inches away. “I figured this will keep you warm on your way home. I’ll give you back your jacket tomorrow, all cleaned up.” he murmured softly as they both gazed into each others eye distractedly.

“Okay…..” Mitchell whispered back, as he was incapable of thinking anything else other than, 'I really wanna kiss him!’

And maybe he was going to because he felt himself leaning in and maybe it was just his imagination again because he could have sworn that Connor was also leaning in.

God they were so close Mitchell could feel Connor’s breath fanning across his face. It was warm.

It was so warm.

They were getting closer.

And closer.


There was a shrill scream from downstairs that made them jolt apart and stare at each other before they both rushed downstairs.

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If Percy ever got to together with Nico, you know he would be the to propose just to show how much he loves him, and you just know that Nico would lose his shit and burst into happy tears.

And you know that they would look amazing in their suits, and Percy would not let Nico out of his sight the whole night.

And you know that Nico would sometimes just stare at the wedding ring on his finger, and just laugh and smile because it shows that Percy is his and he is Percy’s.

And just please… please imagine this.