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Either Will or Nico playing the floor is lava game with Carter and the other walking in the room pretty please? You're amazing!

More Carter. He’s about six

Will jumped to the long “L” side of the couch from the rocking chair hearing it scrape against the hardwood with the momentum of his launch. Carter laughed from his spot on the coffee table and Will grinned. “Hurry up, Carter, the table is sinking, you don’t want to get burned by the lava!” Will held his arms out to catch Carter, but Carter shook his head, yelling a war cry and jumping onto the couch unassisted.

Will laughed as Carter glanced back at the coffee table worriedly. “Papa really liked that coffee table. He’s gonna be sad.” Despite the fact that the table was perfectly fine on in front of them, Carter looked at it sadly before standing up next to Will on the couch.

“Don’t worry, buddy,” Will assured him, “Papa will be so happy that you made it across the lava that he won’t even think about the coffee table.” He lifted Carter up, who squealed and hit Will’s back playfully.

“What about my coffee table?” Nico was drying his hands on a towel and came walking into the room, an amused smile on his face. Will set Carter back down on the couch and Carter shrieked and dashed over to the end of the couch closest to Nico.

“Papa you’re going to get burned in the lava!” Carter launched himself at Nico, who dropped the towel hurriedly to catch his son. Carter must have lept harder then he needed to, because Nico stumbled backwards, catching his hip on a cabinet and sending him sprawling onto the floor. Will winced at the sound of Nico hitting the floor and quickly jumped off the couch.

“Papa! Papa!” Carter was hitting Nico’s chest with an open palm. “You fell into the lava! You’re dead!” Nico huffed and Will carefully pulled Carter off of Nico, setting him on the couch and helping Nico sit up.

“That was quite the jump, little man.” Nico mumbled, rubbing his hip. Will didn’t fell anything broken when he touched it and figured it would probably swell and bruise but that would be the extent of the injury.

“I tried to save you, Papa.” Carter mumbled sheepishly and Nico stood up.

“I see, the floor is lava, hm?” Carter nodded and Nico, albeit a little slow from his tumble, made his way onto the couch. “Well then, we better stay off the floor so we don’t burn.” Carter grinned and Will quickly joined back in on the game, though he made sure Nico wasn’t jumping around just in case. Carter had launched himself at Nico much harder then was necessary and Nico was probably going to be sore for a few days.

“He really does have boundless energy.” Nico commented while Will was sitting next to him trying to catch his breath. “He gets that from you.”

“He gets those sharp features from you.” Nico huffed a short laugh and Will kissed his temple. “Sorry Carter slammed into you.”

“It’s fine, just make sure he doesn’t break my coffee table. That would be the third one.” Will laughed quietly and promised he wouldn’t let Carter break it.

It’s been a really long day

Overprotective Jason + Solangelo

Jason had been meaning to talk to Will since he had got back to Camp Half Blood. He remembered the Iris Message so clearly.
“I’m just worried, Jason. What if he doesn’t like me like I think? What if he’s not even gay? Oh gods, what if he’s not even gay?” Nico’s worried tone was enough to make Jason’s heart cramp.
“It’ll be fine, Nico. I’m sure he’s interested. I mean, he didn’t bolt the minute you pushed him away so he must like you.” Jason said with a confident smile. Nico looked down at his hands and nodded only a little. “I just can’t- I can’t have another Percy situation. I don’t think my heart can handle that Jace.”
Jason’s frown deepened. “I know Nico, but you’ve gotta have faith. From everything you’ve told me, it seems like he does actually want something more. Maybe it’s time you took the initiative and asked him out.”
A couple of days later, Jason got another iris message from Nico. It was a much cheerful one. Nico had told him that Will and him were dating. Of course Jason was ecstatic but he couldn’t help but worry about the son of Hades. It wasn’t until two weeks later when he visited Camp Half Blood that he decided to seek out Will. He was in the infirmary, like always. Surprisingly when Jason entered, Nico wasn’t around and the infirmary had little to no demigods occupying it. Will looked up from his book when he heard the door shut. Jason put on his facade, a tough rather angry looking Hero. “Hey Jason.” Will said with a slight stammer in his voice. “W-What do you need?”
Jason crossed his arms over his chest. “I heard about you and Nico.” Will’s face visibly paled. Nico and Will weren’t exactly out yet. Everyone in camp had their suspicions but Will and Nico were still taking things slow.
“H-How? Did he tell you?”
Jason nodded shortly. “Don’t worry, Solace. I’m not going to tell anyone. But I do need to talk to you about Nico.”
The worried look fell from Will’s face but a serious look followed suit. “Ever since the war, Nico and I have become like brothers. And what kinda brother would I be if I didn’t talk to his boyfriend.” Jason smiled sweetly despite his warning tone. “You’ve got a responsibility for him now. He’s head over heels for you, and I swear if you hurt him-”
“I would never do that.” Will interrupted with a slight scowl on his face.
“Maybe not. But I have to warn you. He’s my kid brother. I’ll smite you if you hurt him. He’s just been so…unhappy for a long time. And now he’s got you and you’re the person that makes him smile the hardest. That’s a big responsibility, Solace. Don’t fuck-” Jason stopped when the Infirmary door pushed open and a smiling Nico entered. “What’s going on here?” He asked suspiciously.
“Nothing.” They said at the same time. Jason nodded at Will, who nodded back as a form of agreement. “I’ll see you later, Nics.” Jason said, clapping his back before turning out of the cabin.

Grover Underwood

The Chosen one of Pan

“Percy, the Gods really don’t appreciate people sitting in their thrones. I mean like turn-you-into-a-pile-of-ashes don’t appreciate it.”