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dysphoria is kicking my butt rn :') so I give you the idea of trans Will on his period and Nico freaking out bc he's "not the doctor here" and he "has no idea what to do oh god will how do I make you feel better"

yes!!! this is what helps me when im menstruating too so im well-versed 😂 thank you for sending the ask!

the first time that will gets his period while he’s dating nico, it’s an absolute wreck. will is uncomfortable and seems downtrodden and sad and fiddles around with his hands around nico like he’s torn between asking a dire question and hiding beneath six feet of earth. nico doesnt understand it - they’ve been working on being up front with each other, haven’t they? so why is will so obviously hiding something?

nico confronts him in the infirmary later that night, if it can be called a confrontation at all. he tries to be soft, because he knows that though will appears confident and oftentimes very much is, he can sometimes be quick to spook when it comes to more serious and private matters. its another thing they share in common. so nico is watching his boyfriend shuffle through pills in the infirmary and organize medicines. will looks at the labels with an odd determination and restlessness in his eyes, like he’s attempting telepathy on the tiny capsules behind the prescription info.

“will,” nico sighs, pulling the son of apollo’s nervous hands out of the pill cupboard. “please, tell me what’s wrong. why have you been acting so strangely?”

will swallows hard, trying to make his face look empty. he had always been a terrible liar, however, and instead looks like he has a bit of gas. nico figured it was just one of the downsides to being the son of the god of truth - when you lied, you got the ‘i farted’ face. a tough break for sure.

“i, uh,” will coughs, a short clearing of the throat. “i just. well.”

and nico blinks. “…well?”

an odd silence fills the room, and nico shivers at the tense feeling that pervades the air. will turns his head to the side quickly, trying to avoid nico’s eyes, though he doesn’t seem to fully want to. he itches to be earnest, honest, and nico knows it. “i… i have, uh,” he swallows hard again. he meets nico’s eyes hard behind a curtain of blond hair. “i have cramps.”

“cramps?” and now nico is alarmed. will is rarely ever sick, and when he is, it is normally severe. children of apollo cannot heal children of apollo through their powers either. “where? are they serious?”

will gets that look on his face like he’s lying again. “no,” he says unconvincingly. “i mean, they’re normal.” but he is so obviously speaking truth.

“what are you hiding?” he wont lie and say he isnt hurt. but he understands. “im honest with you about my health now. please, will.”

and will groans, melting back into that loose-boned, lazy beanpole. “i’m… on the rag, neeks.”

nico blinks. “on the rag?”

“yeah, you know…. aunt red is down for a visit.”

never in his life has nico di angelo been more confused. “…artemis?”

“no, neeks, i mean…. my monthly gift from mother nature.”

“…so, demeter then?” still, only confusing comes from this.

will puts his head in his hands and groans the hopeless wail of a dying man. “im bleeding, nico! im menstruating!“ he drops his hands dramatically, looking at the ceiling in desperation, as if he was hoping to find some kind of peace hidden there. “or in my case, MANstruating.” he’s obviously frustrated and bitter, but in classic will solace fashion, he takes the time to huff out a laugh at his little joke.

nico, however, does not laugh. despite his skin taking back the healthy olive tone of his youth (well, youth-er?), he’s certain he’s blushing scarlet. “oh. that.” nico is very new to many things, one of which is how it works for someone to be trans. trans people existed in the 1930s, of course, even in italy, and have for centuries he’s learning, but up til meeting and falling for will, nico had never known. and now, with all this new information, he was playing a bit of catch up, hense why his mind hadn’t connected that will’s anatomy meant he would receive… ‘nature’s gift’. he felt a bit foolish.

sniffing once awkwardly, will scratches the back of his head. “yeah… i was, uh. looking for midol. not that it ever really helps me, but….”

nico blinks again.

“right, you wouldnt know it by brand name. its just… period medicine. helps with cramps.”

nico nods numbly. “of course, um. of- of course.”

will laughs again, with far less humor. “its strange. its horrible.”

nico somehow freezes and melts at the same time. his shoulders fall and he stares at will’s face intensely. “no.” he says with conviction.


“no, i just. i dont know. i was never really taught any of this.” nico shrugs, eyes searching the infirmary before finding will’s face again, then his stark white shoes. “i dont know how to help”

its quiet again, and that worries nico.

nico clears his throat to make noise, then says awkwardly, “will, listen. i like you a lot.” will looks up at him, meeting his eyes, and will smiles when meets nico’s eyes. he must sense him telling the truth. “you’re… you’re my…” he struggles for a word to say. he’s uncomfortable with terms like boyfriend and partner and he knows it’s because of how he grew up but he can’t help it.

“im your….” will prompts him kindly, eyes fond and patient. it makes nico sigh.

“you’re a really great guy. and i’m glad that we’re.. dating.” he takes will’s hands in his own, rubbing his thumbs over his knuckles. “if i can do anything to help you, i’ll do it.”

will giggles happily, squeezing at nico’s hands. he looks into nico’s eyes and nico realizes that the look on his face right now is so similar to the delighted grin he gets when mr spock does something silly in an episode of star trek. nico is proud to have put that smile on his boyfriend’s face, even if he can’t call him that out loud.

will shakes him out of his reverie by speaking. “even if it’s kind of gross and weird?”

nico grins back. “especially then.” he punctuates this point by leaning up on his toes to press a smooch to will’s smiling lips, then another when will relaxes into the kiss. he presses their noses together briefly before going flat footed again. he laces their fingers together like the roots of different trees tangling together over time. their relationship is new, but something about the feelings between them seems old and meaningful. nico hopes it will stay that way for a long time.

☆ im bad at endings akfjs but i hope you like!! sorry this took so long - mod will

Solangelo wedding

Things I want in a Solangelo wedding (because my Fierrochase wedding was popular)

1) suit shopping (Jason takes Nico, Will’s brothers that Will)

2) Nico wanting a very traditional wedding

3) Sally’s daughter is the flower girl (who will be Bianca reborn)

4) half doves and half skeleton birds (Will thought the skeleton birds would be cool)

5) Nico and Will sneak out of the reception early to go have a romantic moment on the roof

6) Will gets confused and shoves nico’s face right into the cake

7) they both decide to write their own vows and they both forget them.

8) the gods fight… a lot

9) Poseidon taking the fact that Percy isn’t Nico’s type very personally 

10) awkward vows

11) a nearby graveyard brings in a bit too many skeletons

12) Cecil and Hazel are the maiden of honor

13) Austin and Jason are the best men

14) two separate bachelor parties

15) Nico brings the spirits of his deceased family (and Wills too)

16) Nico wears a black suit, Will wears a white suit

17) reception involves a lot of embarrassing stories, via Percy

18) high contrast in color everywhere

19) Will insists on tolling a bouquet of flowers, which Hazel catches

20) Nico and Will shadow traveling out of the after party when it gets too loud


22) Will (who can control light) and Percy make the perfect conditions for rainbows… lots of rainbows

24) the amount of blushing before the kiss

25) Will picking up Nico during the kiss

Between: A PJO Fanfiction

This is a fic that’s mostly made of vignettes, some personal headcanons and some canon extension about those referenced Nico moments that were never explicitly addressed leading into those Solangelo moments we all wanted to get. 

I hope you all enjoy!

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Trigger Warning: suicide attempt


Nico drifted in a margin between a starless sky and a sea.

Somewhere between, only breaching surface enough to breathe and take another seed between his lips and hope it grew into something better.

There was only darkness, only shadow. He was trapped somewhere in the land between life and death with no way to navigate through.

Would anyone come? Would there ever be any light?  Or would he be trapped there for the rest of time? Even if he escaped this fate, would it matter if what he wanted most he could never have? How much more would he have to sacrifice to make it all matter if he had already sacrificed everything?

Nico would do it. One last time.

He sank.

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