nico cristian mirallegro


Shell Shock (noun): Psychological disturbance caused by prolonged exposure to active warfare, especially being under bombardment. The word originated from World War 1.

Happy 24th Birthday Nico Mirallegro. 

I wanna thank Nico for everything. He is such a great guy with amazing talent and he deserves every good thing that comes his way. 23 for him has been a crazy year. Became a BAFTA Nominated Actor, starred in My Mad Fat Diary series 2, Common, Shooting for Socretes and a beautiful Music Video ‘Carriages’ . He has been working super hard with filming, press and fitting in matches for his charity team, Once Upon A Smile. He has also had a bit of time to fit in many, many festivals and concerts within that as well as family time and of course, a few parties and nights out. I’m sure 24 will be just as crazy and I hope his success will just go from strength to strength. I know he will be just as down to earth and genuine to fans and he definitely made my 2014 special and here’s to another glorious year for Nico Cristian Mirallegro.

Happy Birthday you lovely, fabulous man. Love, Joanne xxxxx


Happy 24th birthday Nico Cristian Mirallegro!
January 26th 1991“Everyone just flies out and throws themselves around out in Hollywood. I’d rather keep on learning. Every job I do, I’m still learning. Whether it’s a short film that you do for free on a Saturday morning, or it’s The Village in Derbyshire, you’re learning and I just want to have the right scripts with the right directors, whether it’s film or drama it doesn’t really bother me at the moment. When you do Mad Fat Diary or The Village, you always learn about the particular time period and that’s always nice for an actor. I struggled at school ,so I’ve certainly been making up for it!”


Trauma (noun): Emotional shock following a stressful event or a physical injury, which may be associated with physical shock and sometimes leads to long-term neurosis.

I love My Mad Fat Diary on E4, although I’m fairly sure I’m slightly too old to be watching it.

Although some parts of the storyline irritate me in their obviously-teenage-issue shallow ways, I can relate to it. As a teenager I was mad and fat. I’m just glad I grew up and started to realise it doesn’t matter so much.

Regardless, one thing I’m not too ashamed about it the fact I also watch the programme to drawl over Nico Cristian Mirallegro.

Don’t think my mad, fat teenage years would have been so bad if he had been around. Just sayin’.