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Reasons I desperately want the Voltron/Korra people to make a Percy Jackson cartoon:
  • They wouldn’t have to do anything but animate it because the dialogue is already perfectly written
  • You can slap an educational label on it for the parents, but it’s way too entertaining for kids to care
  • There’s more than enough material for 5+ seasons, and no end in sight
  • There’s a huge built in fanbase 
  • Animation means no terrible live action effects
  • IMAGINE THE MERCHANDISING OH MY GOSH like just imagine the Argo II Lego set!! and CHB shirts at Hot Topic and Festus on everything
  • They clearly know how to capture/choreograph water-based fight sequences (Also imagine Jason, Leo, and Hazel air/fire/earth bending)
  • As far as I know, Fox still holds the adaptation rights. Meaning, they could probably contract the animation studio to make the show and then air it one of their networks 
  • Seeing Rick go from, “Movie? What movie?” to “Lol yeah, I wrote that.”
  • Representation. Like a cartoon made with kids with ADHD and dyslexia in mind? Yes please. Main characters of all different races/backgrounds? Gotchu. Gays? Doesn’t get gayer than Greek mythology
  • People loudly and proudly supporting team Greek or team Roman 
  • Also people sporting their Godly parent like a Hogwarts house
  • The very first Percabeth kiss breaking the internet. 
  • Nico Di Angelo breaking the internet. 
  • Characters dying onscreen and it being traumatizing but necessary
  • Getting to see whats going on at both camps simultaneously and filling in some of the gaps
  • Kids getting to grow up with Percy in a completely new way

Well here they are: Jeffrey and Sara, the teenaged brother and sister duo of my upcoming animated series TOO LOUD! Due to Jeffrey and Sara’s abnormally large heads and faces, they’re the two noisiest and clumsiest people in the world - much to the dismay of everyone around them!

I created these guys late 2014, with final designs by my pal and ultra-talented artist Benjamin Anders. Then I pitched everything to Dreamworks TV… to very positive response! And for the past year, my team of artist pals and I have been working hard to bring you the most fun cartoon we possibly can. And it’s all coming to AwesomenessTV on a Youtube near you, THIS SPRING! 📢

Hey! Suddenly got lots of premature judging that Too Loud is a rip-off of The Loud House. I’m assuming because the word “loud” is in both titles? Besides that if you see any resemblance, it’s complete coincidence. Both shows are totally different settings, characters, everything. I created TL before LH was even in production, and even then I work at Nickelodeon so it would be very foolish of me to plagairize a peer’s show like that. I suppose despite having TL in the works for 2 years, criticism will happen since LH happened to release first. Hopefully once the actual show is online, folks will see it has nothing in common with LH.

AYE finally I decide to draw my little sons !!!!

Group photo with PJO males !!!


@sadgayvampiregirl lol i actually already had this in my sketchbook! XD

im glad its finally it finally out here for the world to see I’m rly proud of it. anyways i modified the shirt a bit so like if you don’t like it feel free to ask me for another drawing 


Dreamworks, Disney: To make a Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus Cartoon TV Series #TVPercy
Because everyone loves Percy Jackson Series and Heroes of Olympus Series and we want to watch it. We can make it better than the movie and then everyone will watch it. Please support us and make this big. We can make the characters with viria's art. Please make this a success Thank you Visit our webpage for more info:


This post isn’t of Marvel or Quicksilver , but IT’S REALLY IMPORTANT for me

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