• Percy: But there's still a month left for Christmas.
  • Jason: Between the time it takes me to think of good gifts for all of you, to buy them, wrap them, not leak any spoilers, decorate, get into the festive mood, try and ignore the crippling fear of the upcoming year, and maintain a positive outlook on life, I NEED an extra month to prepare.
  • Nico: I'll help with the Christmas lights.

marvel’s runaways developed the characters. they did that. they really did that. the kids all had potential to just be stereotypes: the geeky kid, the sjw, the rebellious/goth asian girl, the jock, the perfect church girl, and the innocent young kid. but no. they DEVELOPED their characters so each kid is coming along as three-dimensional characters. and they made a point of it too, in that one scene at alex’s house.

the runaways aren’t limited by stereotypes. they don’t have to be just one or two things. they break through pre-conceived ideas and humanize tired archetypes.


“Support Ferrar-ehhh Mercedes.” ~ Nico Rosberg 2k17