Devil May Cry 5 - HYDE Collaboration Trailer

New Japanese trailer with new footage!

Nico e Martí - New Year’s Eve (drabble)

.  Nico will definitely spend New Year’s Eve with Martí and the boy squad. Martí’s mum goes to her sister’s house once again and stays there for a couple of nights. She knows it’s the best for her but she also wants to give Martí some space.

So the boys all meet at Martí’s place, eat pizza, listen to music, play fifa and all in all it’s very chill. Nico hasn’t been drinking at all, too afraid it could bring forward another episode, so shortly after the last one. Out of solidarity, Martí hasn’t been drinking either and surprisingly to him, being sober on NYE doesn’t bother him at all. It is so much more fun to soberly witness their friends getting drunk. Luca acts weirder by the second. Gio at some point drops the mum friend attitude and turns into the fool he actually is. And Elia starts talking his head off, going on and on about some random bullshit even if no one listens to him.

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Devil May Cry 5 - E3 2018 Announcement trailer.

Key visual


box art



character renders