I’m seeing calls for people to defend Taylor swift and again seeing Taylor swift used to degrade other women who don’t fit the respectable feminist image. As a black woman I don’t owe her shit nor does anyone else in the name of feminism.

Note: one about Katy Perry meant to say **how contracts work**

The Signs + Female Singers They'd Actually Fight
  • Aries: Selena Gomez
  • Taurus: Jennifer Lopez
  • Gemini: Rihanna
  • Cancer: Lady Gaga
  • Leo: Katy Perry
  • Virgo: Lana Del Rey
  • Libra: Meghan Trainor
  • Scorpio: Iggy Azalea
  • Sagittarius: Beyonce
  • Capricorn: Nicki Minaj
  • Aquarius: Ariana Grande
  • Pisces: Taylor Swift

I am so inspired by Rihanna’s “idgaf” attitude , beyonce’s creativity and her way of having complete control over her narrative , ariana’s empathy and stance on feminism , adele’s “I’m the artist so everything’s under my fucking control” manner , taylor swift’s unapologetic stand against that sexual harassment case despite the negative publicity she’s getting from her haters , lorde’s “I’m gonna speak my mind no matter what” thing , nicki minaj’s “badass” ode to embracing her sexuality, kesha’s “sheer determination” to let her art speak for itself , selena gomez’s way of making people aware of her mental health and talking about it despite the way people think of it as a taboo.
These women who are at the top of their game in this celebrity world have so many attributes that we can embrace. To each their own, but in a way all of them are being strong independent women who have some or the other quality that can inspire you. Rather than finding faults in them or pitting them against each other, lets embrace the fact that so many women are ruling this celeb world which until a few years ago was pretty male dominant.


Aries: Brendon Urie & Lady Gaga

Taurus: Adele & Melanie Martinez

Gemini:  Kanye West & Troye Sivan

Cancer: Selena Gomez & Ariana Grande

Leo: Shawn Mendez and Demi Lovato

Virgo:  Beyoncé Knowles & Niall Horan

Libra:  Eminem & Bruno Mars

Scorpio: Katy Perry & Drake

Sagittarius: Taylor Swift & Nicki Minaj

Capricorn: Ellie Goulding & Zayn Malik

Aquarius: Ed Sheeran & Harry Styles

Pisces: Rihanna & Justin Bieber