i feel like taylor swift joined tumblr and learned the word ‘feminism’ but literally has no idea what the fuck it means

she is a prime example of white feminism, i have never seen her speak about about woc/poc, trans women, tbh ive never seen her speaking out about anything except for herself and white women, she’s bffl with lena dunham fgs (another example of white privilege- admitting to “spreading” her younger sister vagina open “because that was just within the spectrum of things she did” and no action or anything happened) 

“it simply means men and women should have equal rights” CLEARLY taylor means white women and men

nicki tweets about racism in the media and taylor spins it around so that it’s about herself, using phrases she’s seen on tumblr to justify her argument 

“pitting women against each other” nobody even fkin mentioned her, nicki was calling out the racial injustice and taylor tried to cover that up by making it about her. oh but she said sorry so it’s all okay

in summary: taylor swift stands for white feminism and needs to educate herself and stfu when women of colour are calling out the blatantly racist media.


Nicki Minaj talking about Taylor Swift on GMA


A few of my favourite photos from the twitters of the 2013-2014 Les Mis cast.


I think this one broke the internet, guys.

I don’t know what’s better (worse): Anton’s shirt issues, everyone’s excellent boyband skills, Niall Sheehy’s face, or Nicky Swift being an absolute hero and a saint and not laughing out loud in the background.