after the nicki and taylor drama on twitter

  • Nicki Minaj: *talks about racial inequality in music industry*
  • Taylor Swift: *misses the point. Later realizes her mistake and tries to smooth things over. Stops talking about it on Twitter and therefore stops providing the media with new material to further spin this as a "cat fight."*
  • Katy Perry: *misses point entirely. Ignores Nicki. Jumps in a day late and makes a cheap jab at Taylor.*
  • Media: *forgets Nicki Minaj entirely and changes the discussion from prejudice and racism in the industry to about a fight between two white women*
  • Nicki Minaj: *stares at the camera like an episode of The Office*

when discussing the taylor/nicki thing, please

  • recognize nicki pointed out a real issue
  • recognize taylor made a mistake
  • but don’t assume she is the devil because she made this mistake
  • and don’t try to invalidate taylor’s feminism because she stupidly thought a tweet was about her when it wasn’t
  • recognize anaconda’s impact
  • don’t slut shame nicki
  • don’t hate on taylor
  • don’t hate on nicki
  • don’t hate on anyone
  • don’t make it a competition between fans
  • discuss the real issue because I bet nicki would prefer that we discussed what she was trying to point out than trying to destroy taylor which is only taking the focus out of what nicki was trying to talk about
  • thanks