nicky hilton


The 2003 VMAs were quite something : Madonna and Britney locked lips in front of millions, Snoop Dogg brought some semi-naked girls on leashes, Lindsay Lohan was drug free


Elizabeth Taylor’s first marriage to Nicky Hilton. Despite the fact that the day of their wedding seemed idyllic enough, the first night alone had been an indication that their union was a mistake. While Elizabeth was waiting in the bridal suite at the Carmel Country Club, the groom was seen in the bar downstairs getting drunk and flirting with several women. The second night he did the same. A depressed and disillusioned Elizabeth was not looking forward to their sailing for Europe on the 23rd of May abroad the Queen Mary. Her fears became reality when Nicky ignored and only acknowledged her with such remarks as ‘I’m tired of your face’, and ‘You’re a fucking bore!’ After losing $100,000 at the gambling tables, Nicky returned to their stateroom and punched her in the stomach while she was taking a shower. Nicky continued his abuse during their nine month marriage, kicking her in the stomach and causing a miscarriage. At the time, Elizabeth was not aware of her pregnancy until ‘…I saw the baby in the toilet’. Elizabeth later wrote in her autobiography: “It scarred me and left me with horrible memories. At the age of eighteen I got ulcers and was living close to a nervous breakdown.”