Andreil portrayed @ Wild music video by Troye Sivan ft. Alessia Cara

first of all

here’s the link to the video


listen to the beginning of the video

what does it say?”

     “it says yes


Andrew Minyard and

Troye Sivan as Neil Josten


this part reminded me so much of Columbia @ friday nights 

Neil and Andrew were left alone as aaron and nicky left to go to the dancefloor and kevin grudgingly joined them

andrew and neil found a seat

just one seat

but both of them were already too drunk lazy to look for another seat so

     yes or no?

and then back to their house afterwards

Neil finding an old video cam and filmng Andrew and Andrew was getting annoyed so he decided to shut fuck Neil up

     yes or no?

Additional characters:

Allison and Renee

+ Nicky 

Dan and Matt too <3

my fave still s Andrew chasing Renee and Neil

Kevin and Aaron arent here because they’re both little shits

not sorry for the long post

here’s more andreil ;)