nicky rottens

td s6 cast confirmed !!1!1!!1

B comes back but as the 🅱️ emoji

Heather !! But shes no longer Asian :/

Courtney but she goes bald

The entire cast of sailor moon

Nicki minaj

Robbie rotten from lazy town

The entire cast of the emoji movie


Sandy cheeks

Mikes new personality called “slim thicc baddie” who is a thot

That pole from the yukon

Mr coconut but he’s NO LONGER A COCONUT 😱😱😱


Irene the fish



Lindsay Lohan

leshawna but she gets robbed again

Micheal Jackson

Alejandro but his hairline is receding


Avril Lavignes guitar

Jasmine but she changed nationality

My cousin

Knock knock who’s there ?

Hey Arnold

And a finale of leanord vs sugar vs beth vs 🅱️ vs staci and she wins