nicky browne


Chris Brown - PRIVACY official music video (Explicit) 18+

Y'all going to stop acting like Nicki Minaj doesn’t want to collaborate with other female rappers, she reached out to Remy Ma after Remy got out of jail for a collaboration for the PinkPrint in 2014, to which Remy declined because Foxy Brown, who is really good friends with Nicki was going to be on it. If y'all knew your Hip Hop history you would already know that Remy Ma and Foxy had beef in the past. Her Lost. *shrug*

Remy out here spreading lies on Nicki and I’m not having that shit. I got the receipts that contradicts her false claims. Now she talking about Nicki taking money out her pockets, but bitch she was gonna let you earn a nice coin on that record you declined on. I don’t like when people get lied on when the truth is on the internet.