nicky & alex katsopolis

I love Fuller House but… .

I think there are two things I don’t really like about it.

1. Why do they make Joey act like that with his kids? He helped take care or DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle. Even with Nicky and Alex. So why in the show are his kids so out of control? I know it’s supposed to be funny but I don’t like it. Why can’t they just yell jokes and be funny like Joey or something. Just asking

2. Why are they pushing everything so quickly? How much time has passed on the show. How is Matt already wanting to propose to DJ, how is Steve getting married(lol maybe) to CJ. I think I just need to know how much time has passed because as far as I know a few months has gone by in their world.

I love the show and I just have questions and yes I know it’s just a show they can do what they want.

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