This thorough recap of Seasons 1+2 (and the film) is extremely helpful…and saves you a considerable number of hours in Season 2.

I loved the first set of Power Rangers growing up and was complete obsessed with the toys - I would’ve killed for any of them. Can you imagine if you had the Power Coins or Zords in the 90′s? I had Billy and his Battle Bike…which seems appropriate looking back. I was not psyched for a new Power Rangers film and questioned why something like this even needed to exist. There was something off about their weird alien suits and the first trailer was so moody that I thought it was a parody. In reality, the new Power Rangers film is way more fun than it should be.

The film feels a bit like Chronicle if it didn’t take itself so seriously. The first ¾ feels overly serious sprinkled with a lot of one-liners that were a bit harder to pin down in terms of “age appropriateness”. It felt like it was definitely aimed more toward my age demographic, with some of the more dramatic moments falling (audibly) flat with younger theatre-goers in our audience. Being in the theatre with a bunch of 20-30 year olds that were around my age when the series first came out was actually a lot of fun. People were cheering and hollering when iconic “Power Rangers” moments happened. 

Do I recommend seeing Power Rangers? If you have absolutely no ties to the original series - it might be a bit of a stretch. It’s difficult to recommend something that is fueled by nostalgia. I do think that there are far-reaching elements of the story that can be enjoyed and would have to give this a thumbs up.

There have been an onslaught of comedy films that are just “fine” recently. In fact, Nerdwriter did a decent job explaining the “epidemic of passable movies” here. Masterminds is tolerable but doesn’t do anything new or revolutionary to make me consider it for the film that it wants to be. It’s goofy and intentionally creates characters that are supposed to be memorable and over the top, but all of it falls flat for me. 

I honestly don’t have much to say about the film other than that it’s largely forgettable and there’s not a lot going on. They keep introducing characters who look silly to get a laugh and I just wasn’t connecting with it.

The only scene that works for me is the “engagement photos” scene at the beginning of the film with Kate McKinnon and Zach Galifianakis (which you can watch here). Outside of this, there are too many instances where I just genuinely don’t care about what’s going on or the characters they’re trying to “develop”. Most of the time things are happening in the film for the purpose of trying to get a laugh - people say or do ridiculous over-the-top things in order to be the punchline of every scene and in the end I just don’t appreciate it. I’d say skip this one.


So, Nick, Chris, and I were patrolling the Interwebs on Saturday night (more specifically YouTube). After watching some Karmin covers, who Nick now calls my Internet crush, he showed me this kid and his original video “Pale Kid Raps Fast”. I was blown away. Just some of the references were right up my alley. I guess this kid is my new internet hero. Mixtape being released in August.


I almost forgot about this video….makes me laugh every time. 


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