So, Nick, Chris, and I were patrolling the Interwebs on Saturday night (more specifically YouTube). After watching some Karmin covers, who Nick now calls my Internet crush, he showed me this kid and his original video “Pale Kid Raps Fast”. I was blown away. Just some of the references were right up my alley. I guess this kid is my new internet hero. Mixtape being released in August.


I almost forgot about this video….makes me laugh every time. 


Irrational Games today revealed Premium and Ultimate Songbird limited editions of BioShock Infinite, the latter including the above 9.75 inch statue designed by Irrational concept artist Robb Waters.

Both editions include a 64 page mini-edition Art of Columbia art book, a 25mm resin-cast Handyman figure which ties in to the upcoming BioShock Infiniteboard game, a 5x7 inch lithograph depicting propaganda for Devil’s Kiss vigor, a Murder of Crows replica bottle keychain, the digital soundtrack, and three exclusive in-game power-ups. Also included for Xbox 360 are exclusive Booker and Elizabeth costumes, while PC and PS3 owners get BioShock Infinite themes.

After teasing a few partial photos of the Songbird, Irrational today finally unveiled the limited editions along with their prices. The Ultimate Songbird edition featuring the statue is priced at $149.99, while the Premium Edition sits at $79.99. Irrational warns that both editions are only available in limited numbers, so if your interest couldn’t possibly be more piqued you can head here to set up pre-orders.

[via Joystiq]


Kickstarter update - I received Jake Parker’s new book: “Drawings”!

I first supported Jake when he launched a Kickstarter for his first book - The Antler Boy and Other Stories in April of last year. It was the first time I heard of him and was really blown away by his commitment to drawing. He’d tease sketches and ideas he was working on, and when I received his books in the mail I wanted to see more.

Drawings is just a collection of Jake’s sketches and drawings, but his attention to detail and passion for drawing is very clear. He’s incredibly talented and his sketches have more work put into them than most finished projects. 

I’d recommend following him on Instagram - he’s always posting his drawings even following the release of this book and they’re all on par with the material contained within. You can also order the 128-page book right off of Jake’s website!


You guys remember my friend Scott from Positively Postal right? Back in April Scott asked for my permission to use my vector-based Dalek image for a gallery opening in England and sent me some Doctor Who stamps as a thank-you for letting him use the image. 

I had a follow up from Scott recently where he sent me some images of the finished piece - a blown-up version of my image covered head-to-toe(?) in the Doctor Who stamps! I think the piece turned out rather well - the negative space really helps certain parts stand out and the piece is hanging out in a gallery (with a credit to my illustration on the card - something I didn’t expect at all)!

Really awesome stuff - very happy being able to help out a fellow Whovian!


Day 8 - Top 10 Favourite Foods

This is going to be a bit of a boring entry - simply because I’m not going to go out of my way to start describing flavours, mouth feels, or ingredients. It’s going to be a simple and straight up Top 10 with no explanations. All photos are my own credit except for number one, which is credit to the restaurant.

I’m fortunate enough that all my favourite foods are made by my Dad, who can cook anything under the sun. Remember, these are favourite foods, not necessarily favourite meals - so some items pictured are not necessarily “favourites” per say.

10 - Grilled lamb with Madeira sauce

9 - Korean food

8 - Chicken parmesan

7 - Fried Chicken (and homemade macaroni and cheese)

6 - Breakfast - any breakfast, preferably eggs over easy, white toast, bacon and home fries

5 - Chicken club sandwiches (I could eat forever)

4 - Roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, green beans (with nutmeg) and mashed potatoes with gravy. This is one of those perfect meals

3 - Nasi (Indonesian fried rice dish with skewer and peanut sauce

2 - Steak - medium rare please.

1 - Sushi - any kind of sushi, ever. Picture is credit to Yuzu in Toronto - the best sushi I’ve ever had in my life. 


How To Correctly Serve a Watermelon.


Meg and I have been watching a lot of Syfy’s reality television show - Face Off. I generally hate reality television, but Face Off is a special effects fan dream. For anyone who likes special features as DVD extras, Face Off is your show.

The show centres around a group of special effects make up artists who are put through various tasks and compete with different styles. One week the task may be to “create a zombie character”, and the next week the task is to “re-imagine the characters in Alice in Wonderland”. The series does its best to feature interesting ideas and really keeps you coming back to see what will be introduced the following week. It also takes the viewer through the process from conception to application and finally to painting and display.

It’s a interesting show, and (all drama aside) some of the concepts and executions of the make up and prosthetics are impressive to say the least. Check it out!


Will Arnett Can’t Keep A Straight Face When Talking CGI With Rich Fulcher

It took me a couple years but I finally watched the first season of Community. I taped the premiere when it first aired and absolutely despised the first episode. I thought it was cheesy sitcom humour that wasn’t overly well written and with forced character development. I couldn’t stomach it and I put it on the back burner. A couple weeks later everyone was buzzing about how hilarious it was and all I could do was think back to that atrocious first episode and think “That show??”

People kept telling me to stick it out past the first couple episodes, that it got better - so this past month Meg and I watched the entire first season and thoroughly enjoyed it. Sure, the first three or four episodes are severely forced, but once everyone gets into the swing of things - the show becomes something that I really enjoy watching now. 

If anyone else has experienced the same emotions I have after seeing the first episode, all I can do is echo the same advice of my friends - tough it out. It’ll get better. For those who told me to watch it - thank you. You were right. It’s clever, well-written and I look forward to finally watching season two.

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Community: Season 1

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Community: Season 2 DVD
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This is coming into existence this November. Why must this appeal to my hardcover collector mentality so strongly??

• The guides will be contained in a unique, high quality box that is The Legend of Zelda™ themed and held closed by an embedded magnetic clasp.

• An individually numbered certificate of authenticity will be included for collectors, with a signature and message from Mr. Eiji Aonuma, Producer/Director for The Legend of Zelda™ series. 

• A high quality, 2-sided laser etched metallic bookmark will be included with the box set to help players keep their spot in over 2,000 pages of The Legend of Zelda™ strategies. The bookmark is 7.5 x 2.5 inches and includes a protective case.

• The set includes 6 hardcover collector’s editions for The Legend of Zelda™: Ocarina of Time 3D, The Legend of Zelda™: Spirit Tracks, The Legend of Zelda™: Phantom Hourglass, The Legend of Zelda™: The Wind Waker, The Legend of Zelda™: Twilight Princess, and The Legend of Zelda™: Skyward Sword. Many of these hard cover guides are out of print and not available anywhere else. 

• All 6 of the guides will be on high quality paper with gilded edges, giving the guides a gold shine along the pages.

• For the first time ever, The Legend of Zelda™: Ocarina of Time 3D guide is available in hard cover and exclusive to this box set. 

• The Legend of Zelda™: Skyward Sword guide has been revised and expanded by over 100 pages. 

• This limited edition set will only be printed once, when it is sold out they will be gone forever!

To say that World War Z was a bad film would be an understatement. The film is completely void of attention and passion and is as functional as a used diaper. The characters lack any discernible qualities or traits and the film bumbles along without a care in the world - which is ironic given the storyline.

The only possible place for me to start in this review is with Brad Pitt who is essentially the only character in the film. Everyone else is disposable, yet we are supposed to care for them for upwards of 15 minutes at a time. In that frame of mind though, there’s no real reason to care about Brad Pitt who travels from backdrop to backdrop moving the storyline along in a completely linear fashion until the last 15 minutes of the film. Every location he travels to begins the exact same sequence of events: Brad Pitt arrives > a careless mistake and/or completely avoidable circumstance occurs > Zombies swarm and things explode > Brad Pitt leaves. This occurs no less than 6 times in the film, and each time is the exact same.

The film tries to do something interesting with the behaviour of the zombies (which is more in line with 28 Weeks Later - as a “rage virus” vs. decomposing corpses), and I’ve read in numerous interviews that the intention was to have the zombies behave like infected bugs, guided by intuition and swarming to survive. The concept is interesting and unlike any other zombie behaviour I’ve seen in a film before - but there’s a reason for it. It’s inconsistent. Zombies go from shambling along to full-on sprinting across football fields at the drop of a hat. The computer-generated effects are also jarring. It often feels like a George Lucas film, with Brad Pitt alone on a sound stage covered in blue screen.

World War Z is not a good film. It’s riddled with plot holes and inconsistencies and may possibly be the most cliché and boring zombie film I’ve ever seen. It does not come highly recommended, but the book does. Go buy the book instead, which has nothing to do with the film at all aside from a name.

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Twin Peaks Blu-Ray To Include Fire Walk With Me Plus Deleted Scenes, Ray Wise Says

The Twin Peaks Blu-ray will include “everything”, says Ray Wise, including Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me and its much desired deleted scenes.

It was confirmed by David Lynch this week that Twin Peaks Seasons 1 and 2 are officially heading to Blu-ray, and from the looks of it - we’re getting a “Complete Collection” with the addition of Fire Walk with Me. This is fantastic news.