nicktoons god


why does nobody talk about how fucking surreal nicktoons games are. just. whip out your 3ds and fucking play as danny phantom against real life major league baseball players. and this is all canon

the funny thing is, he doesnt even have to be in ghost form, it’s just baseball. but because he’s less recognizable/marketable in his human form, we only see his superhero self in all those nicktoons franchises

The Signs as Nicktoon Female Leads
  • Aries: Reggie Rocket
  • Taurus: Ginger Foutley
  • Gemini: Patti Mayonnaise
  • Cancer: Eliza Thornberry
  • Leo: Helga Pataki
  • Virgo: Penny Sanchez
  • Libra: Angelica Pickles
  • Scorpio: Sam Manson
  • Sagittarius: June
  • Capricorn: Sandy Cheeks
  • Aquarius: Jenny Wakeman (XJ9)
  • Pisces: Wanda
god I hate people...

so you do guys remember that post I just made about someone posting a new spongebob bootleg on yahoo well come to fine out the jackass who posted it is making people pay him 20 bucks for a copy wtf & it’s funny how people say tumblr is the place of bullying but at lest when it come to broadway bootlegs there for free


Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Danny Timmy Danny

((I may need to post these in again once I get around to scanning them in these photos are just not working how I’d like them too))

Oh my gosh 15 notes for drawings done by me that rarely happens and only if I’m lucky and aww yes laser-lance
Is back AND pooshpin nicktoonsunite mangaken seem to like the drawings of their takes on the nicktoons unite characters (two of them even reblog and said nice things)

I wish I was better with words but alas I am such a bad speller and my grammar is no good (it’s never been good but hey at least it’s better than from when I was a kid at least) I would say such lovely words of thanks, awe and happiness

So to make up for lack of awesome words here’s a hole bunch of Danny’s (and one Timmy) for all of you

❝     No rocket or bombs
             or anything vile-
                 but light the darkness
                       with a MAGIC celestial SMILE!      ❞

                          Timmy Turner from The Fairly OddParents!
                                        as portrayed by Benz