nickseam-deactivated20130911  asked:

Are the commentaries worth watching? I only watch them on a couple shows because I find them boring mostly. If they are funny I will watch them.

Ahhh they are basically the best part of the show!!!! Well, at least the DVDs…. Haha! The first couple seasons they have James and Dulé and Steve and then the writer of that ep and I am pretty sure Kelly Kulchak and Chris Henze (producers) are on the commentaries and they are very entertaining!! But then in the third season they have Tim and Maggie join in and ahhhhh it’s glorious!!!! It’s also interesting because they talk about setting up shots and how/why they chose to cut scenes and James talks about directing Tuesday and the show for the first time and aalkdfja it’s just the best. I’ve learned a lot from them! I remember when I ordered seasons 1-3 together I just sat in my room all day listening to the commentaries. They are the best. And obviously I could just ramble on about them all day. You learn a lot more about the show and television in general. I would definitely watch with the commentaries on!!! :)