On First Date

me: so do you like Parks & Recreation?

them: no i was so glad when that show ended

me, shoving breadsticks into my purse: i have to go home immediately something came up 

HEY GUYS! Due to some shuffle ups in Nick’s schedule, you won’t be seeing new Harvey Beaks premieres for a while. In the meantime, my board partner Chris and I started The Harvey Beaks Unofficial Commentary Podcast ( The podcast works like a commentary if you sync it up with the episodes. Get it? So far we’ve done two:

Episode 1: “The Sleepover’s Over”

Episode 2: “NightClub Night”

In the episodes we talk about behind the scenes stuff like writing, the storyboarding process, and working from an outline on a board-driven show. New episodes post on Fridays. And If you like Harvey Beaks, maybe, I don’t know, tell Nickelodeon or something


We found out this morning that Nickelodeon is changing up their summer schedule and pulling the new episodes of Harvey Beaks that were going to air in the next few weeks. So no new Harvey Beaks until September-ish. BUMMER!

Hopefully the two episodes that did air recently were enough to keep you satiated for a little while longer. We have some absolutely KILLER episodes coming up, so please hold on a little while longer! Sorry the channel has been moving the show around so much. We on the crew are just as frustrated as you guys.

Until then, there’s free reruns to watch on and the crew will be leaking out some sneak peeks and behind the scenes content here and there. Like Charlie and Chris’s Harvey Beaks Podcast Commentary! This is so much fun and a great peek behind the curtain. Give it a listen! I’m in the new episode!


That’s supposed to be a gif of Harvey crying, but I’m bad at making gifs. Here’s a new one that hopefully works?