El desafí xXx: 3 estrellas de deportes extremos a una carrera por el centro de Londres


La sfida xXx: 3 campioni di sport estremi a gareggiare nella citta di Londra

“The clothes I wear… that doesn’t change.  I love long dresses.  I love velvet.  I love high boots.  I never change.  I love the same eye make-up.  I’m not a fad person.  I still have everything I had then. That’s one part of me… that’s where my songs come from.  There’s a song on the new Fleetwood Mac album [Mirage] that says, ‘Going back to the velvet underground/back to the floor that I love,’ because I always put my bed on the floor. 'To a room with some lace and paper flowers/ back to the gypsy that I was.’”

Seeing people be like ‘people getting so excited about Kris being in a movie when he only has a couple lines as an extra’. 🙄🙄🙄 I saw someone yesterday say he was just an extra.

1) He’s supporting cast, not an extra, there’s a huge difference. Extra’s don’t have their own teaser trailer, interview, or their name in the credits at the beginning (or even at all)
2) He has more lines than some of the cast.
3) It’s exciting for us because it’s his first time in a Hollywood movie and it’s exciting to see two different worlds coming together.

Kris has more screen time than Samuel L Jackson.