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10 Actors/Actresses I would Def Kiss if I had the Chance

I was tagged by @dragonchristianlady97 - thank you my dear!


List 10 actors/actresses (or a mix of both) you would kiss, and then tag 10 other blogs. No particular order (except Natalie Dormer cause she’s definitely first):

1. Natalie Dormer

2. Gwendoline Christie 

3. Donald Glover

4. Nickolaj Coster-Waldau

5. Kit Harington

6. Benedict Cumberbatch

7. Morena Baccarin

8. Gina Torres

9. Diego Luna

10. Pedro Pascal 

I tag @cynical-harlequin@geekprincess26@janinam@rinsantago@janebrkin@theasexualscorpio@sansapotter@ladycarolinemikaelson and @leannedirewolflover if they are interested! :) Apologies if you’ve already been tagged, and please feel fee, anyone else who wants to play! :)