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1. I am in my third year of Uni~ I go to school in rural Illinois and I’m technically a theater major. I primarily study costuming [that’d be my major if we offered it] and I work for the costume department there. Most of what I’ve done professionally is fabricating historical clothes [notably 1840/1880 corsets, Rococo gowns, and Regency dresses] but I’ve also designed for two different shows and I’ve already been contacted about designing for the Importance of Being Ernest this spring!

2. Today seasirpent taught me how to ride a skateboard! A few weeks ago they contacted me about a nickleboard/small cruiser that their store sold because I’ve recently gotten into American flag themed stuff *cough*stuckytrash*cough*. I finally got it today and we went to the lakefront and we boarded around for a few hours!! I took to it a lot better than I thought I would and we had so much fun!!!

3. I recently passed 300 followers on my blog [actual followers, I block porn blogs] and I’m so happy about that!!! My blog isn’t really organized, but I’m really happy that people want to connect with me!

4. After I graduated high school I considered going to vocational school [to be a welder] or taking vows to be a nun for a year [I was raised Catholic and pretty much thought that if that didn’t make me want to be more Catholic, then I needed to leave it behind]. I didn’t do either because they’d upset my mum too much.

5. Yesterday I made a bunch of cinnamon rolls….. but no one who lives with me really likes sweets [me included, I just wanted one] so I’ve been thinking of inventive ways to eat them. So today was cinnamon French toast~

6. I’m stressed about moving into my apartment this term- mostly about having to change over the bills to me and my room mate- but I think we’ll make a happy home together.

7. I really want to be friends with all the Marvel/Stucky blogs I follow but I’m too shy to try and talk to them!!! *covers my face* I just want to talk about those super soldiers.

8. I bought materials to make a BuckyBear and an AmericaBear but I haven’t had a chance to make them yet :<

9. I’ve only done about 2/3 of the cleaning I wanted to do before I go back to school [in like… 2+ weeks] but I’m still happy with my progress!

10. I haven’t really “come out” to my family as gender queer or bi/pansexual. They’re…. fairly accepting and I’m sure that if I did chose to “come out” that they would try their best in their way to support me. My relationship with my family is stilted for a lot of reasons and I just don’t really feel like…. sharing that sort of vulnerability with them. That doesn’t mean I don’t express myself or those aspects of myself [although, I admit I don’t wear my binder around my mum because she asks about it a lot] but I also think that “coming out” endorses heteronormativity to some extent since it implies that people have to explicitly state “otherness”. That does not mean I think that people should not come out!!!! It’s a very enriching experience for a lot of people and a lot of people feel very liberated by the experience and it can clear up a lot of things for people. But for me personally, it’s just not important.

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Me: Make America great again- America was gayer than you remember, corn dogs for all the children- *sings* My name is Bucky Barnes

Today @seasirpent taught me how to skateboard today [they just got a long board and I just got a cruiser/nickleboard] This is a trash video I made while boarding, probably very unsafe, and tbh I wasn’t going to post it- but I look so delighted I thought you guys would like to see it

Also, I’m wearing my Brooklyn shirt - it’s so important to me and whenever I wear it I’m just like ‘I’m a Brooklyn baby names Bucky Barnes and also I am very gay for Steve’