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America invented the worst food you can possible eat. google search the Minnesota state fair. I am from Minnesota. its a 10 day food frenzy with anything and everything deep fried and or on a stick.

I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO GO TO THAT. I was trying to tell my friends about it but I forgot where it was. THANK YOU OMG. I’m making it my life goal to go.

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very cool! i’m about to head out again, so we’ll see what the drive out of minneapolis looks like now that it appears that some of the fog is gone. :]

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oh no way I can’t believe you have heard about it in Canada. That is so crazy. Like I know there are people from around the US that travel just to experience the greatness of it, but people from Canada now that’s awesome. yeah np you should def go

Lmao, it’s like you think we live in igloos with no connection to the outside world or something.