The REST of Season Six will be on... Nick Junior!!!

Follow the adventures on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 7pm

Dear little Fairies, get ready to follow the adventures of Winx Club’s sixth season on Nick Jr.!

Grab a pen and don’t forget these magical dates and times:

- Sunday, July 26 and Sunday, August 2 from 7.00 to 9.00 am, re-experience the first eight episodes from the series and get ready for the new ones!

- Starting from Monday August 3 enjoy the new episodes! Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.00 pm!

The Winx fly towards a brand-new magical adventure… on Planet Earth! Are you ready to join them?

To learn more about the Winx Club adventures in season 6, don’t miss all the incredible curiosities and videos: log on to the Facebook Official Page and YouTube Channel!


That moment you watch cartoons and they SHABLAM! Hahahaha #nickjr #drag #dragqueen #shablam #layout #deathdrop

Mind yu Jace is 4
  • Me:"Jace stop acting like boots!!"
  • Katrina:"what??"
  • Me:"we're Dora and he's boots!!"
  • Katrina:"hahaha I'm Dora, you're Boots, Jace can be Tico"
  • Jace:"I wanna be a rabbit!!"
  • Me:"-__- tf??"
  • Katrina:"just for that you're the map -__-"