The 28 year old grown man, thaexposer, who argues with Nicki Minaj fans, has been busted!

Thanks to the help of set-ya-free.

He answered set-ya-free question privately and it popped up with “crosky”. This is his personal page.

NickiMinajExposed has never been hacked, he just changed the username, and switched to another account. I believe that man has some serious issues.

This truly sickens me.

KimberlyMinaj is also his other account he parented up with his-self to hate on Nicki.

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Feel free to leave him hate message’s.

Ok, this irritates me on many levels. There are so many things wrong with this…

1. Nicki has not come out and said that she is gay. You can’t just assume that about people. She said at some point, addressing her sexuality, “people always want to define me and I don’t want to be defined.” She may be straight, gay, or bisexual. We don’t know at this point. And we shouldn’t assume.

2. What do you mean she isn’t supporting gay marriage? One of the first magazine covers she ever did was for Out Magazine. And she embraces her Ken Barbz at every chance. She is one of the most (if not THE most) gay-friendly rapper in the game. Just because she’s not at rallies doesn’t mean she’s not making a difference. Simply being accepting of everyone is setting an example for her fans and society to live by. 

3. She’s not using her gay fans. She happens to have a lot of gay fans. So what? She loves them the same. I don’t see how she would be using them, since she treats them the same as her other fans.

Gay, strait, bisexual, trans*, etc., a barb is a barb.

nickiminajexposed reblogged your video: Who never paid homage to Kim? Oh, I thought so.

There’s a difference between paying…and stealing their shit and dissing them at the same…

What did she steal? Lil kim didn’t invent the barbie doll. Ruth Handler did. Also, she didn’t start dissing her until Kim started buggin out about Minaj with Ray J about her not paying homage, but you heard her pay her respects to Kim in the video, so I don’t know what else to tell you, hun.

ThaExposer at it again..

Uhm, so that aint new. ThaExposer has always been a hacker he hacked YourMirandaRights, and deleted half of her videos for exposing Kim and Keys..

Now he hacked Minajxoxo, and some fan claimed, “I’m not going to say the username” that he hacked her also.

And he was threatening a Nicki gay barb, to post his pictures on here. Where did he get him from? No idea, It’s obvious that he’s a hacker..

And he’ll keep denying the fact.

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And I forgot to mention the fact that he’s a lifeless troll. Even look at his tumblr friends, Floptina. and other trolls.