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Only drew Nicki because I don’t give a single F about Big Sean

Not a fan of the song, but I loved Nicki’s eye makeup. I actually tried it myself a few times, but it’s hard to put the false eyelashes like that and keep them look pretty D:


Overwatch characters as shoddy unlicensed Halloween costumes

(UPDATE: Second set here)

EDIT: “Rio Party DJ” is white because it’s a satire on how cheap Halloween costume companies use white models for their offensive “ethnic” costumes. For example Google “indian halloween costume”, “rasta halloween costume”, etc.

I think I even saw a white model for an unlicensed Nicki Minaj costume once

muirin007  asked:

You may have been asked this before, but who are your ideal VC cast members, face claim-wise? Have you ever seen anyone and though, "THAT's exactly how I picture Lestat/Louis/Armand etc.?"

First of all, omg you are one of my fave VC fanartists *appreciative flailing* thank u so much for asking my opinion on this!

You guys, this is one of @muirin007’s fanarts [X] and still one of my absolute faves, from when I began this blog:

Yes, I have been asked this before but my opinions do change over time, and it’s always worth taking a fresh stab at it *,….,*

Some of this is a dreamcast for obvious reasons, and I’m limiting it to The Vampire Lestat, since it looks like that’s the focus of the new adaptation (And I’m also giving myself the difficulty of not recasting anyone from movie!IWTV bc u all know how attached I am to all of those actors by now). And I tried to pick ppl that would mesh well together as a set. Some characters get alot of commentary and some get none. These are the ppl that give me that “THAT’s exactly how I picture Lestat/Louis/Armand etc.?” feeling.

There are alot more options in the #VC casting tag, if you have some time to kill!  

Lestat de Lioncourt: Brett Scallions from Fuel, circa the 90′s.

^screencaps from the Bad Day video

He’s already an actual rockstar. He can play guitar. His singing voice is close to my headcanon of Lestat’s. Yes, somewhat nasal, vocal growl, some range. IMO, he has the perfect build, and yeah, he’s attractive, but what makes him so magnetic and not just another slab of manflesh are his huge soulful eyes and that generous mouth, which really can look cruel at times. He just needs a little dental work and a quality hairstylist. [Some more of my fave pics of him here]

Runner ups: Taylor Hanson circa the 90′s (VERY CLOSE SECOND CHOICE), Gaspard Ulliel, Charlie Hunnam, Travis Fimmel, Cary Elwes circa the 90′s, and Martin Rolinski.

Nicolas de Lenfent: Benedict Samuel, 2016

I’ve only seen him recently in The Walking Dead, and you have to see him in that, bc he’s as sweet and tender and intense and depressive as Nicolas needs to be. Physically, these full lips and dark brooding eyes, the wide smile that’s almost manic and the frown that speaks to a deeper well of misery that no one can hope to touch. Am I praising him too much? PROBABLY BUT I DO WHAT I WANT. [I wax on poetic about him a little more here]

Runner ups: David Garrett (ACTUAL violinist), Anthony Misiano (that high quality Joker cosplayer!), Sebastian StanJonas Kesseler (model), Ezra Miller

Louis de Pointe du Lac: Miles McMillan

Actually I haven’t found my perfect headcanon of Louis yet, but for now, he’s a placeholder. While Louis isn’t a ~starring~ character in TVL, he is mentioned, and what with being compared to Nicolas, I have to include him. 

I feel like Miles has the slender build, the soulfulness to his expression, and he looks great dressed up w/ disheveled hair. [X]

[Moar pics of Miles and reasons here]

Runner ups: Florian Pessenteiner, Henry Cavil circa 2002, Trent Reznor circa the 90′s, Peter Steele of Type O Negative (Steele is a little too masculine but his eyes are perfection).

Gabrielle de Lioncourt: Grace Kelly, The Swan, 1956

SHE’S JUST SO PERF. She looks like she’s about to say, “BTW I do not hold back in combat so you better come at me with 110% bitch.”

Runner ups: Michelle PfeifferCate Blanchett, Nicole KidmanCatherine Deneuve circa the 80’s, Charlize Theron, Connie Nielsen.

Marquis Valère de Lioncourt: Timothy Omundson, 2016

I can’t explain. JUST WANT. He is a very likable bully in Galavant and tbh I imagine Lestat’s Dad would have a sense of humor, and that’s partially where Lestat got it from. Unfortunately, that wasn’t all he got from his father. [Moar gifs and pics I’ve gathered of him here]

Marius de Romanus: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, 2016

I can’t explain. JUST WANT. A better father-figure for Lestat, one he would have given just about anything to stay with for awhile.

Also, David Bowie bc of reasons:

Runner ups: Michael Fassbender (CLOSE SECOND CHOICE), Lee Pace as Thranduil

The vampire Armand: Björn Andrésen, 70′s

^He’s a fandom fave.[Moar of him here].

But okay, or, 

The vampire Armand: Matthew Clavane, 2016

I can’t explain rn. JUST WANT. [Reasons and more pics here

the vampire Magnus - Alice Cooper circa Suck, 2009

^Reasons should be pretty obvious.

Akasha, Queen of the Damned: Nicki Minaj or Rihanna

^[fanart source X, pic source X] BC OF REASONS. Women empowerment. Beauty. Mystery. All dat and a bag of chips. [Moar Nicki, Moar Rihanna]

Runner up: Tyra Banks.


3 De Lioncourts:

And that’s just my opinion, you guys are free to disagree, but please do so w/ respect bc this took alot of guts and alot of time and ALOT of effort to put together!


#Your Headcanon May Vary