please imagine the foxes having a night off and being happy for once and going to a local fair:

  • kevin and neil get really intense with any games involving aim because any exy practice is better than no exy practice in their minds
  • everyone wants to go on all the rides but neil can tell that andrew is silently freaking out about the height so the two of them end up doing the teacup ride like 10 times until they get kicked off for inappropriate behaviour
  • aaron and katelyn sneak off too but they end up sitting and talking at the edge of the fair because these two just need some Peace and Quiet™
  • allison gets renee the biggest, brightest cotton candy ever because it matches her hair and they end up with purple tongues and fingers
  • nicky stands in front of a funhouse mirror that makes you look really short and whispers “wow I look like a minyard” before booking it and hoping that neither of the twins heard
  • matt tries to win the coolest prizes for dan but she just steps up and wins him the giant teddy bear that he carries around for the rest of the night
  • matt gives neil the smaller prize he won so andrew desperately tries to one up him
  • andrew definitely won’t admit he’s trying though because spending 10 minutes shooting water guns at rubber ducks to win toys for your boyfriend doesn’t really go with the whole “I don’t care” thing
  • whole team bumper cars involve extreme profanity
  • allison claims to have won and when everyone is explaining that bumper cars isn’t a competition she says they’re jut sad they didn’t win
  • renee leads the way into the haunted house and everyone plays it cool but they end up clinging onto one another the entire time
  • kevin and nicky somehow end up in each other’s arms and don’t realise it until the end when they agree to never speak of it again and hope nobody noticed
  • they all noticed and neither of them will ever live it down
  • everybody is grinning and giggling so much that even andrew is showing a hint of a smile