im so tired of seeing latinos like nicky hemmick and aristotle (& dante) being fancasted/edited as white/black boys, they are neither & yall are not making it better by editing black boys just because they’re described as darker latinos. Please stop erasing latinos like this (especially darker latinos)

  • Neil: Andrew!
  • Andrew: *grunts*
  • Neil: after nicky was done talking to Erik
  • Neil: He told me he had butterflies in his stomach
  • Andrew: ..
  • Neil: why would he eat butterflies?
  • Neil: what a fool!
  • Neil: ANDREW! why are you leaving the room?

Action based events that require the player to perform, pose, or answer interviews in Nicki Minaj: The Empire are all completed with a micro-game where the player clicks icons around an area, draining energy with each one. These moments are quick and simple, but the limited resource of energy that refills slowly over time pushes players to put down the game for brief periods, but not for so long that they feel they’re missing out.