Foxhole Court Character Summaries
  • Neil:*no chill*
  • Andrew:*casually stabs people*
  • Aaron:*hisss*
  • Nicky:*gayest to ever gay*
  • Kevin:*protect him*
  • Renee:*angel on earth*
  • Dan:*no time for your crap*
  • Matt:*gentle giant*
  • Allison:*struts thru life*
  • Seth:*rip*
  • Coach:*grudgingly cares*
  • Abby:*willingly cares*
  • Riko:*ScUM oF tHe eaRTH*

kvndreil  asked:

IM IN A NERIK MOOD AND NOT EVEN SENDING THIS ON ANON HAHA AFTER I SEND THIS IM GOING TO DIE can you do something like erik seeing nicky change into the nicky we love today from the poor sad boy he was before or smth like that?? does that suck ?? i have to send this before turning anon back on yikes

dude bro ok like

  • sometimes erik’s parents will see pictures of nicky and smile fondly
  • and they’ll say something along the lines of
  • what a good man he is. he went through so much.” 
  • and erik will remember that his nicky wasnt always his nicky
  • his nicky is brighter than the sun, hung the stars in the sky, makes him laugh and grin and laughs and grins in response. 
  • his nicky is excited about life. his nicky is ready, proud, and willing to share who he is with others. 
  • his nicky is happy. 
  • but nicky wasn’t always this way. 
  • he was sad, lonely, lost, scared- more than scared, terrified- and hidden. 
  • he was disgusted by himself. he was disappointed. he was so broken he thought he could never be fixed. 
  • thinking about the nicky that was before germany kills erik inside. 
  • everytime his parents bring up how “he went through so much,” erik feels his heart break. 
  • everytime he thinks back on what nicky went through, he feels his heart break. 
  • it’s significantly worse when nicky isn’t there with him. when he can’t see nicky’s smile, nicky’s dark eyes, touch nicky’s warm skin and know he’s okay now. 
  • it’s one of the reasons he cries at their wedding. he sees nicky and is hit by everything he went through to get here, to this point, to erik, and his heart is broken until nicky’s fingers slide between his and nicky gives him a watery smile. 
  • erik just can’t believe his beautiful bunny has been through so much and he’s so thankful to have him now