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How old were Alex and Nicky when they got married? Like were they still in college?

Alex and Nicky were 22 when the got married; they had just graduated college. But they started dating when they were freshmen in college when they met on the hockey team. Alex basically fell in love with Nicky at first sight and asked him on a date everyday for three weeks until Nicky said yes. Little did Alex know Nicky had also basically fallen in love at first sight and just didn’t wanna seem to eager by agreeing to a date at first. Also, Nicky loves to watch Alex squirm. He always has and always will. They were grossly in love when they were 18 and they are grossly in love now. 


A year full of amazing Black women part 2.

#BlackGirlMagic #BlackExcellence

me waiting on the hacker to leak the last remaining 3 episodes of oitnb

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Today I met a woman who wrote this letter in 1965. Her assignment was to write about her predictions for 1985. Her male teacher gave her an A- because he questioned the idea that a woman could be president, but he didn’t question the prediction that humans would have cities on the moon and on Mars.