nicki tears up

“I was incredibly close to Richey, but nowhere near as close to him as Nick was. There are little corners within friendships, and I think Nick was his best friend, and it hit us all, but I think it hit Nick really badly when we did the Haçienda warm-up the night before we supported Oasis at Main Road. I think that really killed him, that gig. Nick was in pieces after it. It just made him realise that he was one half of something that would never be complete again, and that night he was the most distraught I’ve ever seen him.”

- James Dean Bradfield, from Assassinated Beauty by Kevin Cummings

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Kevin Day is happy

Part 1 

  • It took a long while for Kevin to get comfortable with Grayson
  • With Grayson not giving two shits about exy, he honestly thought he was going to strangle the older man
  • Mainly because he knew it bothered Kevin, So anytime Kevin said ANYTHING about exy he purposely ignored it
  • He was worse than Andrew
  • Also the fact that he basically told his dad and Andrew that he was attending aa didn’t help
  • But Grayson wasn’t sorry about it
  • He told Kevin that he needs to own up to his shit and that it didn’t matter if people knew because he’s doing this to get better for himself. He wanted Kevin to stop letting the people around him hold him back
  • The small rant actually helped him on his road to recovery
  • He gathered Aaron, Andrew, Neil, Nicky, and Wymack in a room after practice one night and told them that he was getting clean and would appreciate it if they didn’t bring alcohol around him until he knew he could handle being around it without having the impulse to drink
  • Aaron and Neil nodded, Wymack promised he throw out all the alcohol, Nicky was tearing up, but Andrew was still upset with him
  • The day after waking up from Wymacks, Andrew was livid and willing to hurt anyone insight until he got to Kevin. Neil was able to calm him down but Kevin apologized and promised he would explain soon
  • It took some time but he knew Andrew will get over this because he knew it was important to Kevin to finally control something other than exy in his life
  • So Kevin starts attending every aa meeting he could
  • He didn’t just sit and wait to leave anymore. He gained some courage and started talking to the others there and not just Grayson
  • And the people don’t ask him about exy but about how he is doing and his school life
  • It makes Kevin feel normal and not like he’s just some celebrity that can’t relate to regular people
  • At the end of the meeting Grayson catches up to him with a gift and a radiant smile
  • Kevin realizes that tonight he earned his eight month chip
  • He’s holding it in but he is excited and proud of himself
  • He never believed he could make it this far but with the support of his family and Grayson he pushed through
  • He didn’t realize how having the rest of his teammates knowing would help him more than he could realize
  • Sure it took them around 3 months till they noticed but they made it show how proud they were of him
  • So here Kevin is here tonight sitting with Renee drinking water and watching his teammates do stupid shit at this celebration party
  • The foxes threw it and invited the cheerleaders and a few other athletes, They didn’t know what the party was for Kevin
  • Nicky and Allison are seeing who can get the most numbers using stupid or cheesy pick up lines (Surprisingly Nicky lost by one)
  • Matt and Dan are on the dance floor making fools of themselves because they’ve drunk too much to stay with the beat (they really don’t care)
  • Aaron is hiding from some guy who he meet when he fell on his lap by accident and mistook him for flirting (Aaron was shook)
  • And Neil and Andrew are sneaking around the party pulling small pranks on the other students
  • The whole time Kevin is laughing and enjoying himself 
  • As well as occasionally texting Grayson and recording all these things the foxes will probably regret in the morning
  • The next text from Grayson is asking if Kevin is wearing his gift he got him
  • Kevin quickly glances around to make sure no one is watching him when he quickly slips off his shoes and raises his feet a little to show off his rainbow toed socks and takes a quick picture
  • Grayson messages back in an instant on how he knew rainbows would look good on Kevin
  • Kevin wears a small smile but immediately loses it when he hears Nicky screeching and asking when and where Kevin got his cute gay socks

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Nicky/Erik + car crash go ahead and make me cry

ok i tried to write this one a lil bit ago and got distracted but now i am gonna try again and i pray it works

  • nicky’s had a great day, actually
  • he’s had the time of his life 
  • the foxes just won another game, it’s like 2 am and they’re just getting home
  • he’s buzzing on energy and a bit of alcohol and he’s excited to talk to erik as soon as his phone gets charged up enough (it died on the way home) 
  • he knows it’s about 8 am in germany but it’s also a saturday so erik should be just waking up, or be returning from his morning run
  • he collapses into bed while the phone charges, turning the phone over in his hands
  • the screen blinks on and he jumps and then waits impatiently for it to load up enough
  • he has three messages immediately 

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Aaron and friendships? I want to see him opening up a little more, especially with like Nicky and such.

  • Aaron didn’t exactly grow up with a lot of friends. In fact, practically his only friend throughout childhood was Nicky. 
  • Aaron didn’t always like Nicky, but Nicky was always there for him growing up. Nicky who never raised his voices, or pushed (physically or emotionally.) 
  • Nicky is one of two people who can make Aaron laugh. Usually over completely ridiculous things, but still. 
  • Aaron tried to not feel betrayed when Nicky abandoned him for Germany. (Nicky, his only friend His cousin. The only sane person in their fucked up family)
  • Aaron also tried not to be too smug when Nicky came back, choosing Aaron (and his twin, he had a twin) over a supposedly “banging hot” German boyfriend. 
  • Therefore, during the midst of exam seasons at fucking MED-SCHOOL, when Aaron would normally tell anyone trying to get his attention to fuck off, Aaron agreed to meet Nicky for lunch. 
  • Aaron refused to admit that maybe it was because he missed Nicky, who had almost immediately left to Germany again after graduating from college. 
  • He was old enough now, steady enough in his new life to not see Nicky choosing Germany as a form of abandonment.
  • Nicky greeted Aaron with a hug, which Aaron didn’t return, but he didn’t pull away from either. 
  • He let Nicky chatter away, occasionally throwing in his own comments, until Nicky paused. He seemed hesitant, which was rare. Nicky was rarely a hesitant person, and usually only around Andrew.
  • “What is it? What’s wrong?” Aaron demanded. He knew it had to be something to do with Erik. That was the only thing that caused Nicky to get withdrawn like this. That or his parents, but Aaron’s aunt and uncle knew better than to try to contact any of them anymore. 
  • If fucking Erik did anything to Nicky, and thought he would be safe just because he was in a different country from Nicky’s family, he’d have another thing coming. Aaron would get on the first fucking plane (after exams) to personally kick his ass. 
  • “Erik and I are getting married” Nicky said. Aaron froze, his thoughts of beating Erik leaving quickly. 
  • Nicky was still looking at him with this soft, hesitant look on his face. Aaron swallowed. 
  • “I know I can be an asshole,” Aaron said, “but I’m happy for you. You know that, right?” Aaron wasn’t exactly proud about some of the things he said to Nicky in the past (knowing, better than the other’s, that it would hurt Nicky the most. Especially coming from Aaron.) 
  • He was just so angry about Nicky leaving him. For a boy of all things. (It was why he agreed so quickly to Andrew’s deal. No romantic partners to take his family away from him, men or women. It wasn’t until Aaron met Katelyn that he realized he might have been a bit… misinformed) 
  • Nicky smiled. It was quite possibly the biggest smile he had ever directed at Aaron.
  • What he said next shocked Aaron even more. 
  • “I want you to be my best man,” Nicky said. 
  • “Me?” Aaron said, eyes wide. “Are you sure?”
  • “Of course,” Nicky responded, “who else would I choose?” 
  • Aaron didn’t know. Anyone else, no one else. 
  • “Well,” Aaron said, “I suppose I can do it.” If his voice was a bit hoarse, it was because the coffee that he ordered with his food was still too hot when he drank it. 
  • Not because even years later, Nicky was still choosing him. 
  • Aaron still felt like he was in slight shock when he left. He promised to meet Nicky (and Andrew, which meant fucking Neil would be there, as well) for dinner tomorrow. 
  • Before leaving, Aaron reached forward and put his arms around Nicky’s shoulders. Nicky stiffened, before wrapping his own arms around Aaron. 
  • “Tell that future husband of yours I’ll beat his ass if he does anything to make you unhappy, Nick-nick.” 
  • It was a childhood nickname that Aaron stopped using when he turned 10. Nicky may have teared up a little hearing it (Aaron would pretend he hadn’t noticed.)