nicki shirt

If the Foxes get team hoodies with their last names and jersey numbers on the back and “Palmetto Foxes” on the front, Neil would LIVE in it.

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consider: andreil cuddling. like maybe not rly cuddling but they're watching a movie and theyre entwined. maybe the foxes walk in on them. possibly nicky cries

this is not what you asked for at all buddy, apologies my guy. I present to you nicky hemmick being the ultimate example andriel trash. also, heads up, i am nicky hemmick.

  • neil and andrew aren’t stupid, they’re aware of the effect they have on nicky.
  • andrew was always a bit iffy about the topic of Nicky’s fangirl like obession with the two of them, where as it amused neil a whole lot.
  • on the day where it all starts, all the foxes are in columbia and for some reason andrew & neil decide to go for a walk, but kevin and nicky feel the need to join in (translation: cockblock, ofc nicky isn’t doing this on purpose)
  • so neil and andrew are walking next to each-other, and andrew is feeling very possessive after an incident at eden’s twilight where someone decided grinding on neil was a good idea
  • he’s being extra touchy!!
  • it’s not much, but andrew starts to touch neil’s arm, running his hand up and down his wrist idly, inching his fingers under the sleeves of neil’s faded baggy sweater and rubbing his thumb in soft little circles on to his skin.
  • neil let’s out a little hum of appreciation and the next thing they all hear is a small voice saying ‘oh my god’ and a loud thump
  • what do u know nicky was watching the whole interaction and got so distracted by the two of them he walked in to a freaKIn’ pole 
  • this has been the closest andrew has been to feeling like he could actually start laughing since he got off his meds and neil is doubled over, even kevin is chuckling low under his breath.
  • nicky is annoyed but is more like “guys u can not do stuff like that in front of me, it’s not fair” he doesn’t even care that a lump the size of russia is now forming on his forehead, he’s more like i can not belieBe these two, doing cute shit in front of me, who gave them the right
  • so andrew and neil decide then and there that their new aim in life will be to play with nicky hemmick’s emotions until he gets himself in to compromising situations.
  • which is why neil sees his perfect opportunity when they’re all at matt’s dorm and watching movies, and nicky, this bitch
  • nicky is drinking a fucking greensmoothie™.
  • andrew and neil are lowkey about to kick someone when nicky walks in holding it bc a)green smoothie ?? and b) to a movie night rlly?? 
  • and they both have a ding! moment right there and they know what their goal is tonight
  • so they set off
  • first, neil starts to lean his head on andrew’s shoulder, feigning a yawn every now and then
  • (andrew is like damn neil and the cute act is affecting me much more than i thought it would, keep your cool minyard keep your cool)
  • nicky is looking at them every now and then, stopping to stare for a few more seconds when andrew throws his arm around neil and pulls him in closer
  • but nicky can do this, he can, he tells himself this at least
  • but when neil’s head is in andrew’s lap and andrew is subtly and idly stroking his hair with a dead but inconspicuously mischievous expression on his face,
  • nicky yelps a little bit but masks it with a cough, the rest of the foxes are either laughing because they’re all paying attention to the situation or, if you are aaron minyard you are sighing at your weirdo family members.
  • but what andrew does next is the game changer, he makes eye contact with nicky (the little shit) and leans down and gives neil the tiniest forehead kiss 
  • (this kiss is cute, im talking sleepy neil drowning in an oversized sweater, ANDREw’s oversized sweater, and in his boyfriend’s lap and his boyfriend is obviously endeared and gives him a totally unnecessary, soft, kiss to the forehead cute)
  • the series of events from this moment go like this; 1. nicky hemmick choking on his green smoothie 2. nicky hemmick spilling his green smoothie all over his shirt 3. nicky hemmick almost crying
  • the foxes can not stop laughing, matt and dan are being elderly and looking at neil and andrew in appreciation  and allison is recording everything like‘ cmon NICKY, nicky, TELL us what you did, tell the camera how you spilt your green smoothie every where because you are an actual teenage girl,
andrew and nicky bond over clothes alright
  • more specifically: neil’s clothes
  • even more specifically: buying clothes for neil
  • bc the both hate neil’s non-existing wardrobe
  • andrew rather secretly so but when nicky asks if he can get a ride to the mall to get him some stuff bc fuck if he has to see that shirt one more time, andrew just does it and even gets out of the car to lead the way in
  • nicky doesnt dare pick another store than the ones andrew strolls into
  • but oh does he pick clothes
  • pants, shirts, dress shirts, sweaters, t-shirts, chinos, shorts, gloves, even some decent socks
  • nicky buys some underwear too but not when andrew is with him because nicky is very specific about what pretty boy neil should be wearing but he doesnt think andrew would approve of him picking them out
  • he approves the other things tho
  • they develop a System™
  • bored, slightly raised eyebrows, a no
  • but a shrug Nicky definitely takes as a yes
  • so he picks out stuff he thinks neil might actually put on without being forced
  • and things that he himself think are way too boring but he needs andrew’s approval so he doesnt think hot pink dress vests with poka dots will suffice just yet
  • not even colour
  • so nicky doesnt even try with those
  • orange is fine, its given but other than that, neil gets a lot of black and gray
  • rarely white, but sometimes
  • but then one day
  • one day
  • nicky pulls up a cobalt blue shirt with a print on the front, just for fun and he gets a shrug
  • a shrug at a cloured shirt and nicky almost shits his pants because maybe that means he can finally get some interesting things for neil
  • it turns out, andrew approves on a lot of colours and nicky kicks himself for being so stupid that he never even tried to get neil some of these before
  • so he tries a couple of flannels
  • no problem
  • so nicky goes bold
  • he starts with leather pants
  • shrug
  • fuck
  • off he goes, with a lavender pullover with yellow cuffs, a piratey silk shirt, a turquoise velvet jacket, prints, prints, prints, colours, colours, colours
  • and there’s so many shrugs
  • nicky’s in heaven
  • (neil freaks out when he opens his wardrobe)
  • (bc he’s still not used to draw attention to himself)
  • (but andrew seems to like it when he’s wearing the things he’s bought, so neil just goes with it)
  • (nicky gets super many followers on ig bc he uploads outfit pics of neil all the time and nowadays that boy is clothed awesomely if nicky can say so himself)
  • they dont schedule shopping sprees really
  • they just do it
  • and as time passes, because lets face it, neil will never learn how to shop and doesnt understand why anyone likes it, andrew becomes slightly more involved in the actual shopping
  • he’ll say “in green” when nicky picks a blue sweater
  • and then that one time he’ll thumb at a tee with a small fox print
  • not taking it with him bc nicky ruins it by saying it’s a nice one
  • but nicky sees their laundry bag one night
  • and if thats not two of those fox prints shirts (one a size or two smaller than the other) he’ll eat his left toe and delete his instagram
  • (and we all know that will never happen)
Im Paris Hilton
Lil B "The BasedGod"
Im Paris Hilton

oh my god based god.  Lil B’s instant classic Im Paris Hilton oozes Hotel Hilton swag from the moment it’s confirmed that the Based God not only came in and fucked all your bitches, but also, and most importantly, that it’s okay.  

  • “I look like Paris Hilton / Ring worth a million / Strapped with an AK / Rambo, John Wall / Just like Paris Hilton”
  • “Watch Paris Hilton / Where is Nicky Hilton?”
  • “Tiny shirts, shiny jean / Everything Hilton”
  • “I married Paris Hilton / We’re at the Hilton / Limousine driver, nickname Hilton”

no one expected andrew to actually wear his christmas gift

@tfcsecretsanta gift for @brvkker (2/2)

after starting a conversation with sur @transandrew i present neil+nicky and kpop

•this boy doesn’t know jack shit about music •let’s be honest his mom never gave him the chance to really explore and enjoy music
•nicky knows this….nicky wants neil to appreciate the good music
•now that riko is gone and everything is as good as it can get for the foxes…he can take action
•so he’s like… “hey neil i have a good song that you will LOVE”
        - “what song??”
        - “just listen, neil, and ENJOY”

•it’s totally call me baby by EXO
•we’re assuming this is 2016!tfc alright
•so nicky has totally shoved his laptop at neil so he can really appreciate the whole experience that comes with kpop
       -“nicky this is actually really good show me more”
•so he DOES…and nicky knows no bounds so hes showing neil 4minutes, BTS, GOT7, BIGBANG, f(x), SHINee, OH MY GIRL, iKON, EXID, girls generation, the whole lot
•and let me tell u neil loves BTS the most i stand by that forever
•neil is taken by the dance from dope
       - “nicky i want to learn that dance….i really want to learn that dance”
       - “seriously? okay, we’ll learn the dance maybe then the vixens will love us”
so they spend days learning this dance
       - other dances he def learns are fire and call me baby and hate and ring ding dong and rum pum pum pum
•so anyway
•at some point nicky would put one of the songs on when they’re at the court and they think they’re alone
•like they totally go to the court early to ‘warm up’ (read: practice dances)
•they wouldn’t notice right away that one of the other Foxes (probably a freshman) has shown up early too
•so this freshman Fox would totally video nicky and neil dancing to fucking kpop because this is neil, vice-captain, super scarred up freaky deaky dude
•of course this freshman is gonna video him
so of course this freshman sends the video to the other Foxes to enjoy
•matt is sitting on his bunk crying because it’s neil having fun he’s so proud of his friend
•allison and renee get fucking rich
       - allison heard nicky talking to neil about kpop so she got the best cash out of the bet pot
       - renee hears everything andrew during their sparring sessions and he was complaining about how that fucking junkie is being buddies with nicky what the fuck?
•kevin is just annoyed that it’s happening on his court but he’s glad that nicky is finally on the court early instead of late
•so here’s these two exy players, dancing like kpop idols, and the freshman wanna Fuck Shit Up
•so u bet ur ass that jack probably put it on youtube for everyone to see
•the fans have a field day because neil and nicky? in t-shirts and sweats? dancing? and everyone can see their muscles shifting under their shirts? a sight to behold
•they probably have to address the whole situation at some point because the press would be like….what was that about??
•anyway so nicky would probably get roland to sort out a Dance Night™ without neil knowing
and he would say to neil while they’re on the way to eden’s that there might be a dance thing going on. andrew would probably just look at nicky for a moment before continuing to drive, kevin would groan because he just wants some alcohol, aaron would be entirely disinterested, and neil would be dreading the thing but he would also be excited
•he just loves kpop and the dances…not as much as exy, not by far, but he still loves it
so nicky requests a song and they fucking smash it….they win the first round
•and they continue to win the battles with their Mad Kpop Skills™ until they are crowned champions
•kevin is just crying into his vodka he doesn’t want to be associated with these people at all
aaron is still entirely disinterested
•andrew is watching neil like a hawk because a lot of people were eying him and no one eyes what’s his
•all in all it’s wild and fun and neil has something else to have fun with.