nicki minaj is a lizard

Since I have a whole new blog I have a whole new dash, so I need more people to follow! So like/reblog if you post the following;

  • any kind of dog (but specifically dobermans, borzoi, chinese crested, and chihuahuas)
  • Marvel (specifically stucky, thorki, Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, Loki, and other women in Marvel)
  • Wonder Woman
  • Snakes, big lizards, herpetology in general
  • Marilyn Manson or Nicki Minaj
  • pokemon
  • paganism (eclectic, norse, dianic, lokean, or luciferian,NO wiccans please, sorry)
  • Lord of the Rings/Hobbit (thorinduil, elves in general, silmarillion stuff, aragorn/legolas, aragorn/arwen, tauriel/kili)
  • horses (maybe some famous horses?)
  • animal print aesthetic blogs (is that a thing? it should be)
  • rats, mice, and guinea pigs