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SoMa, 5

I HOPE THIS is okay because I feel like it’s anti-climatic and I’m really sorry ;——————-; it’s also kind of M-rated I guess? idk I struggle to put smut in stories because I was forced to go to catholic school and even at 23 I get embarrassed to write it (but never embarrassed to read it) but ANYWAY I hope you like it. I know I still have like 6 other requests and I promise I’m getting to them all.

He is relaxed on the threadbare couch when she arrives at their apartment, new keys in hand. She is surprised to find him reading instead of watching television, though she notices it’s the comic she bought him for his birthday a few weeks ago. His eyes are lit up in fascination, and she smiles. 

This is her best friend of six years, she realizes. The keys to her new home feel a thousand pounds heavier the closer she steps to him. 

Soul doesn’t even notice her presence until she plops down beside him, and leans into his side, exhaustion settling on her shoulders. He puts an arm around her almost instinctively, and she tries not to drink in too much of his new cologne. She could drown. 

“Everything all settled with your new place?” he asks, eyes not leaving the page. 

“Yeah. Papers all signed. My stuff is all packed.” She closes her eyes. “All I have to do is put it in the car and I’m ready to go.” 

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