Every time you hear someone derisively call a black woman "angry" I want you to stop and think about the "overly emotional woman" meme used by sexists.

I’ve found that usually when someone is more critical of a person’s “anger” or being “too emotional” than they are about the “angry” person’s problem, they’re pulling a slight of hand where they are trying to get you to ignore that person’s message.

Don’t fall for it.

Be wary of people who’s main critique of someone is that they were too angry, not nice, or too emotional about misogyny or racial discrimination.

Unsolicited Ad Hominem attacks. That’s when you know someone ain’t shit.

That’s when you know that you probably need to take a closer look at the message someone doesn’t want you to listen to.

Racist tropes and sexist tropes have a lot in common. 

Miley Cyrus Whitesplains Race to Nicki Minaj and Misses the Point Entirely
Black women shouldn’t have to be ‘nice’ to be heard.

Some quotes from the article:

“Maybe if you were honest about your own appropriation and privilege, as opposed to denouncing her “tone,” you would’ve caught it. Cyrus’s thought process is indicative of the left-leaning millennial racism; the “I get it, but…” racism. A white pop star who accessorizes blackness shouldn’t be so quick to tell a black artist how they should talk about racism.“

“Cyrus seems to be evolving out of her trash-rap fetish into more pseudo-punk rock chic. It’s hard to imagine her asking Patti Smith or Debbie Harry to be “polite” as they fought their way through rock’s boys’ club. From Amy Schumer to Hillary Clinton, white women who speak their minds are seen as heroes, while black women are stereotyped as angry just because they don’t accept silencing as “solidarity.” Black women shouldn’t have to be “nice” to be heard.

Well-behaved women seldom make history, the ad”

I think the article makes a good point some (not all) white feminist are so quick to dismiss the grievances of their black AND latino (all minorities, to be more inclusive) counterparts. It may be because they feel like any grievances are direct attacks on them (As Taylor Swift clearly demonstrated and as Miley is demonstrating right now). They don’t understand that we are not attacking them but, the system set up that holds up white beauty and white culture as the ideal. 

People of color know (or should know) just how wrong it is to judge someone by the color of their skin. Do not get it twisted Miley and Taylor or any other white person are not being attacked just for being white. They cannot help being born white just as much as I can control being born Latino or Nicki can control being born black. 

What is being attacked is the system that has been set up that these artists in some way or another, at some point in their lives, have benefited from. A system that hurts people of color.

Women of color in particular cannot be strong, assertive, or passionate about issues that are important to them because they are immediately labeled as being loud and aggressive or the more insulting “sassy” or “spicy”. 

 I wonder if Niki or another artist of color would have called out Apple the way Taylor Swift did, would she have had the same support from the media that Taylor did? Would Apple have responded in the same way??? Or would the media and Apple simply have dismissed them as another bitter and aggressive person of color making a fuss. 

If it was Zendaya on stage twerking with Robin Thicke or behaving in the way Miley Cyrus behaves at some of her shows or in general, would the media label her as “edgy” and “pushing the boundaries” or would they be more critical and call her “ghetto” and “trashy”? 

Remember Giuliana Rancic’s comments on Zendayas hair at the 2015 Oscars???

Would they say she should be ashamed of herself for perpetuating stereotypes of black culture and making her people look bad. When Miley does it she does not become the spokesperson for all white people. White people are not all judged by her actions, causing her to be cautious about how she acts or conducts herself. 

How can someone who has never lived as a person of color and faced the hurdles they have to face comment on how we are supposed to FEEL??? 

“If you do things with an open heart and you come at things with love, you would be heard and I would respect your statement. But I don’t respect your statement because of the anger that came with it.” - Miley Cyrus, New York Times Interview

We are not even allowed to be “angry” or have any strong negative feelings about experiencing prejudice?! Really?! 

Tell that to the feminists that fought for women to have the right to vote…. You don’t think they were angry at being thought of as the property of men? You don’t think they were angry about the fact that for YEARS a married man could RAPE his wife and it was LEGAL???

Tell that to the workers in the fields that were sprayed with pesticides….who’s CHILDREN were sprayed with pesticides and had poor working conditions. Tell that to the people being told “get out of my country” after being used as cheap labor to harvest the fields or build the railroads.

Tell that to the Japanese American’s sent to internment camps after Pearl Harbor who were labeled as threats and terrorists….tell that to Muslims who are dealing with that shit today.

Tell that to people who’s ancestors suffered through slavery, segregation, Jim crow laws and who are still suffering to this day at the hands of system set up to work against them, against all people of color.

Tell that to people who’s main representation in the media is of the Latin Maid, the spicy Latina trophy wife, the sassy black woman, the tech savvy Asian and many other stereotypes, instead of real multi-dimensional characters.

Tell that to Martin Luther King Jr, Caesar Chavez, Malcolm X, Susan B. Anthony, Nelson Mandela, and other people that fought for equal rights in this country and elsewhere. It is true that many of these people called for non-violent protest and activism, but none denied an individual the right to feel outrage and anger in their hearts. It’s only natural to feel anger at the mistreatment of your people and having your culture demeaned as a “fad” or “fashion”.

I understand doing things with an open heart… I understand peaceful protest and having a reasonable discourse about what is wrong and trying to fix it. But don’t sit there when you have appropriated someone else’s culture and benefited from it and tell us that we cannot have feelings of outrage or anger.