nickey alexander


1989. Cocked & Loaded

is the second album by band L.A. Guns, and their first to reach gold certification. The album includes the hit “The Ballad of Jayne”.
This was the first L.A. Guns album on which Steve Riley actually played drums. Although he was in the band photo and listed as a band member in the liner notes of the band’s first album, L.A. Guns (because by then he was an official member of the band), Nickey  Alexander played drums on that album.

The album features guest appearances by Cheap Trick members Robin Zander and Rick Nielsen.

This is the amazing band that Traci Gunns started after he and Axl Rose broke up their band ‘Hollywood Rose’, that was the original 'Guns and Roses’, if you will. L.A. Guns is a band that rocks full force and offers no excuses for doing so. Man, I miss this sleazy brand of beer-drenched, chick-grabbing, kick ass slutty rock and roll.

     Tracii Guns    Phil Lewis     Mick Cripps     Kelly Nickels     Steve Riley