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4th page done. Expected to finish in a week but didn’t quite work out for me.

I have these deleted pages that I worked on. Not sure if they are worth posting here. Let me know if you guys want those.

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Evening Plans: Pt. 12 

Will He Tell Her or Won’t He?

READ: After this part there will be a break for a couple of weeks. So I recommend looking at the last few parts one more time BEFORE watching to really get.. immersed. 

In this part, Nick officially starts going crazy with guilt. This takes place after work in the evening on the same day as pt. 11.

First Part 

Previous Part:

Fo4 male companions react to Sole telling them she’s pregnant:

Naturally, Dogmeat, Strong and Codsworth have been excluded from this reaction. 


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Old Longfellow:

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