nickelodeon style

“Maybe the girl for you is someone you didn’t expect, after all, the most beautiful gift can come from the plainest box.” -Helga Pataki

I redrew this screencap in my own artstyle from one of my favorite childhood cartoons, Hey! Arnold, especially from this episode: Arnold’s Valentine

(I made a few artistic adjustments…)

I really miss this cartoon, I’m not sure of the relaunch, but I wish it well. I’m incredibly biased of the original. lol

(Hey! Arnold is not mine. All rights respectively belong to Craig Barlett)


Anyone who knows me knows Rugrats is one of my most favourite things ever 😁 and I’m so happy I found this little Angelica purse in Primark yesterday 👍🏻 always so great to see Rugrats merch about, I’m so looking forward to the funko pops soon 😍❤

A new year~! I wanted to post this closer to 12 am but I didn’t finish it in time, so I’ll just leave this here now~ ( I rushed the coloring part lol) ignore the mistakes. Don’t crop/edit/or use without my permission. GOOD BYE 2016, I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR SHIT

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