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Kimberly “Kimi” Finster || Age 15 || FC: Hayley Kiyoko || Rugrats All Grown Up|| Taken by Alice


Kimi loves to embrace her Japanese heritage, but also likes to remain different by dressing differently. Like her best friend, Lil, she is very into boys and shopping. 


Kimi is known as the brains of the group of friends and she is very intelligent. Kimi hardly loses her temper, and she will show her intelligence as much as possible.  

Sexuality: Up to RPer


Phil and Lil DeVille —> Best friends
Dylan “Dil” Pickles —> Best friend
Charles “Chuckie” Finster —> Step Brother
Angelica Pickles —> Frenemy
Susie Carmichael —> Best friend
Tommy Pickles —> Best friend