nickelodeon halloween party


The carrot spirit and his little tea-serving radish spirit buddy, both designed by Kim Il Kwang* and colored by Sylvia Filcak-Blackwolf, are two of my favorites from Korra “Beginnings Part 1.” I didn’t have a ton of time to pull together a costume this year, so I got a store-bought one and painted the eyes and root-stache on in acrylic, and then made the little guy out of craft supplies and a pumpkin stem. I had a great time as usual at the Nickelodeon Halloween party, but I still had some work emails to answer in the middle of it. Photos by my wife Lisa and me.

*EDIT: My apologies. These guys were designed by Kim Il Kwang.


Bye Bye Halloween(>﹏<)

We’ll miss you! 

We had over a week of festivities at the Studio, ranging from pumpkin carving to maze building to a costume contest. Here are some highlights of all the amazing stuff our artists came up with!

‘Til next year…