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i dont know if you guys are aware of this, but i was just researching shit on legends of the hidden temple and i decided to go to its accompanying wiki. this turned out to be the best decision i have ever made; this wiki is on some other shit:

so many of the articles are very judgmental and they seem to all be written by the same person

not only is this wiki extremely opinionated but its also extremely detailed. they have the exact statistics of of every individual round of the show for every single fucking episode. not to mention obscure trivia and connections that i wouldnt even think to make:

i had no idea there was such a hardcore interest in legends of the hidden temple. this whole wiki is just filled with gems


theres also an entire page on the wiki just devoted to the Temple Guards that contains shit like this:

this wiki is so fucking insane and there are hundreds of pages just like this. i strongly suggest that everyone goes to check it out because god damn. also, to the three main contributors of the wiki: yall are god-level

My life feels like a lie.

I’ve been through a lot of abuse. I’ve detailed a lot of it here. But I’ve also been on the front page of several news papers. I’ve been on Nickelodeon. Just as a game show contestant. I’ve been in the military. I’ve been homeless. I’ve won first place in science fairs. I spent a large portion of my teens in group homes.

I don’t know my biological father. The man I called Dad, the man on my birth certificate, who’s name I bear, is gone. He loved me like his own. As far as he ever cared, I was his own. I’m white, like day-glo ginger white. My dad wasn’t. He wasn’t back, but he had dark skin and jet black hair. I’m not sure of his ethnic background. Never cared. But if anyone even implied I wasn’t his son, he got angry, in their face angry.

My life feels like 20 different people dropped parts of their lives, and they feel into mine.

If anyone told me they had a life that remotely resembled mine, I’d call them a liar to their face. I don’t know why I’m reflecting. Maybe it’s because I just had a birthday. Maybe because I was just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes with an A1C of 11.3. I never felt I was aging before. But now I have a very serious condition to manage. I’ve lost 45 lbs in two months.

Guess I’m just kind of rambling. Sorry to clutter your day a bit with irrelevant stuff.


Nickelodeon is bringing back Hey Arnold and Legends of the Hidden Temple

Two ‘90s favorites are returning to Nickelodeon over the next two years — albeit not in the way they were first aired. As previously reported, Nick is reviving beloved animated series Hey Arnold. Today, Variety reported  Legends of the Hidden Temple, a game show that aired from 1993 to 1996, is also coming back. But they’re not coming back as full series.

Nickelodeon Game Show Prize Tiers

You’re A Fucking Pathetic 11-Year-Old Tier:

  • candy

I Wish I Got Candy Instead Tier:

  • a duncan yo-yo

Your Little Brother Is The Only Person Who Wants This Tier:

  • some R/C car

At Least You Tried Tier:

  • a sony walkman
  • a yamaha keyboard

Dude, Holy Shit! It’s a Fucking Nintendo Tier:

  • a fucking Nintendo!

Your Parents Immediately Have To Call Off Work And You Have To Miss School, Because Once Recording Is Finished We’re Shipping You From Universal Studios Orlando to MCO to Fly To … .


This Wasn’t Worth Getting My Heart Rate Up and Having to Talk To Mike O’Malley Tier:

  • Holding the Aggro Crag sculpture for 30 seconds and scuffing at the inferior children before Nickelodeon production assistants take the Aggro Crag away from you for the next recording.

Only The Dead Know Peace From This Evil Tier:

Revisiting Nickelodeon Game Shows

Legends of the Hidden Temple

Show was fire. Just unreal in all aspects. A little bit of knowledge, a little bit of physical challenges, A LOT OF FUN. Wanted to be on it so bad. My brother and I would always bet on who was going to win. Always took the Orange Iguanas which was the biggest mistake. He took the Silver Snakes which was horseshit because everyone knows they were the Yankees of that show. Talent all the way through the system. Crushed the opposition like a fat guy at a buffet.

Guts/Global Guts

Another show I had to be on. All physical. All those years of playing on jungle gyms trained every kid how to handle the Aggro Crag. You could tell the ones who stayed inside. Couldn’t hit a fucking layup while attached to a bungee cord and were still climbing the first rock while dude is hoisting a piece of the Crag over his head. Shit wasn’t for the weak. Mike and Mo! really held down the fort as well.

Double Dare

Marc Summers kicked off Nickelodean’s slime craze with Double Dare. Messy show probably to date in TV history. That obstacle coarse at the end was a nightmare. Especially when the families got involved on Family Double Dare. The dad and son would have a good run and here comes mom fucking it up. Sliding and falling all over the place on her one run and BOOM there goes our trip back to Orlando Studios and that sick VCR. Great going mom.

What Would You Do?

Marc Summers does it again! I’m pretty sure What Would You Do? was just Double Dare without the competition and adding in pies. Pie coaster, pie chair, PIE EVERYTHING! I honestly don’t even remember how the show worked but just remember that ridiculous wall where if you were lucky, got a t-shirt rather than a pie to the grill.

Nick Arcade

This show was revolutionary. Not only did you get to compete against each other in video games…you got to be in a fucking video game! This show was magical. Mesmerizing from start to finish. Hell they even had a black host before it was cool. Dude would always make up some ridiculous lyrics while walking to and from the games. Now that’s just hosting at its finest. WHERE YOU AT SEACREST?!

PS - I know I didn’t include every game show. Just went with the best. Let me know what I missed.