nickelodeon cruise

it's almost time for the nick cruise!! I'm going to be creeping on these two(nathanjennette) the whole trip.. ^.^

as soon as i walk on the ship, imma be all

“guiiiseee where are youuuuu?”

then when i find them i’ll be all

and i’ll be secretly taking pictures of them when they’re not watching

and we’ll be in the most romantic places in the word (paris…italy…barcelona..)

and it will be the best week ever. omg i cant wait to go!!!

…wait, i forgot..

im not going.

It's been 2 months ;'(

Sunday - 2/20/11. Just boarded, saw Jennette in line for excursions and basically walked around the ship to see stuff.
Monday - 2/21/11. Day at sea. Saw the premiere of Best Player (a Nickelodeon movie coming out March 12th starring Jennette McCurdy and Jerry Trainor) it was amazing. Jennette was there and talked before it.
Tuesday - 2/22/11. First stop. Florida. Went to Disney World! Magical day! Jennette went to Universal, saw her in the line for the bus in the morning and happened to get back to the boat when she did and saw her, her mom and her brother getting back on. Said hi while she was getting an elevator and she waved.
Wednesday - 2/23/11. Great Stirrup Cay. NCL’s private island. Went swimming in amazing blue water (coolest color ever!) Then went to an iCarly episode screening (one I’d seen) and Jennette was there doing some questions in the beginning. She confirmed the Sam and Freddie relationship would happen soon cause a girl asked and she was like can’t say wink wink ahhaha. So I’m happy!
Thursday - 2/24/11. ATLANTIS! On the ride over to Atlantis we were on the bus with Ciara Bravo from Big Time Rush. Met Jennette at Atlantis. Went on every water slide except for the two you enter through the lazy river. Went on the lazy river twice. Saw Jennette that morning in line, met her at Atlantis and saw her in line for one of the slides.
Friday - 2/25/11. Day at sea. Big Time Rush episode screening with Ciara Bravo she did question and answers. Only caught a glimpse of Jennette in the morning. 
Saturday - 2/26/11. MET JENNETTE AGAIN!!! She hugged me, signed my Ugly Doll, read my card, I thought she was gonna cry, she was so touched! She told me to tweet her about the cruise and she’d reply! We got pics and yeah! Met Ciara Bravo and she was so cute and nice!
Sunday - 2/27/11. I didn’t wanna leaveeee ;( WAH! I miss it soooo much. I don’t feel like it happened, I feel like I’m waking up tomorrow and going to NYC and then the next day I’m boarding and then I get to meet her but no it’s done and I’m sad. I deff need to meet her again before I die cause she’s the nicest, sweetest, funniest, coolest, snazziest and amazingest person I have ever/will ever meet!!!!! ♥

Dreams do come true.


Jennette confirmed she is going on the Nick cruise this summer.

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