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The Gang. One Year Later. 

“The movie is very meta & answers pretty much every fan question I could think of” - Craig 

“The fact that so many employees currently at Nick are 90s Nickelodeon kids was crucial in bringing Arnold back for the Jungle Movie” -Craig 

“It’s a long fulfilled dream of mine to finally bring you this movie.”
- Craig Bartlett, creator of Hey Arnold (1996-2004; 2017)

The Jungle Movie premieres Thanksgiving 2017 

(Photos taken by Nickelodeon, Mike Peterson, and weirdfastballs, all on Twitter) 

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Colin Heck (cbheck on Tumblr), the director on Legend of Korra, shared these AWESOME character portraits he made for his fans.  They’re pretty cool right? THE ANSWER IS YES.

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Recently found some of the very first professional work I ever did for Nickelodeon’s “Catscratch” from back in 2005.  After completing an internship on the show I was asked to do some freelance character design as a sort of test/training period.  I believe these were for the Halloween episode.  I was still learning at the time and my linework needed improvement and more confidence but I remember working super hard and being so excited to do these and it eventually lead to being hired full-time.  I’m very thankful to the entire crew for giving me a chance and being so welcoming to a young artist fresh out of school.  I still have friendships from that show.

Rough designs by me - Cleanup by Michele Secilia - Color by Simon Simmonds - with character direction by Doug TenNapel and Mike Girard

FYI: all design and cleanup was done with pencil and paper on this show (there were no cintiqs).  The backgrounds were painted with cel-vinyl on illustration board as well.

Someone asked me anonymously in which Hogwarts House I would put some Danny Phantom Characters so I’ll start with my fave… Danny Fenton… I thought about it a long time and I can honestly see his resemblance to Harry

Danny Fenton is a Gryffindor because:

just like Harry, he never fails to act with his heart even if he’s being treated badly in school or at home.

he stands up for his friends and his allies

he proves his braveness with saving the town every other day

he is extremely kindhearted

he sacrificed himself on multiple occasions just to keep the town save

he is afraid of his evil side and wants to do everything to keep it inside

also he is a sarcastic little shit

and he tends to brag about his powers sometimes

So these are my thoughts and feel free to add or suggest other houses you would put him in =)