Here’s an English Music Video with a mixture of the themes “It’s Ladybug” and “Miraculous” from an upcoming french CG series. 

This show is called Miraculous - Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir and it will be airing in September on Nickelodeon in the USA and on many other networks across the world including Disney Channel Europe!
C. H. Greenblatt ‘Not Thrilled’ With Nick’s Treatment of ‘Harvey Beaks’
New episodes of "Harvey Beaks" were pulled from the network's summer schedule with no warning to the staff.

“On Tuesday, Harvey Beaks staff at Nickelodeon learned that Nick was shuffling their summer schedule and pulling all new episodes of the series until at least September.

Harvey Beaks creator C.H. Greenblatt, however, posted a note to Tumblr explaining that the scheduling changes affected more than just his show. Greenblatt wrote:

‘Everyone remain calm. We’re not off the air. And it’s not just us getting this treatment. They stopped all premieres (animation and live action) except Pig, Goat, Banana, Cricket for the summer.’“


Did you watch Pig Goat Banana Cricket’s premiere episode “Fudge-Pocalpse”?  Here be the pirates!  These guys are some of my favorite characters I’ve gotten to design for the show. 

Design/cleanup by me with color styling done by color master and fellow CSU Fullerton alumn Alex Deligiannis under the fantastic art direction of Mike Dougherty, Fran Giglio and Dave Cooper!