tinychat soon? i feel so lost in all of your lives.

but not tonight. 

i’m going to the city in my prom dress and making all the Atlantians jealous of how gorgeous i am.

^ that’s sarcasm. but, yes. I am actually wearing a prom dress and I am actually walking around Atlanta with my family. let’s see how many compliments i get.

i should go to the gay club like this. 

Promised post: What I like about you.

You are:

  • Charmingly awkward.
  • Cute as fuck.
  • The sweetest person.
  • Genuinely kind.
  • Naiive and pure in ways that most people aren’t nowadays–sexually, emotionally, morally, etc.
  • Unabashedly silly.
  • Humble.
  • Endearingly shy, in a particular way that I can’t figure out how to describe yet.
  • Capable of making me smile/laugh/make squeaking noises really fucking easily.
  • The kind of person I want in my life.
  • The kind of person I want to know better.
  • The kind of person I want to keep close.


  • Picture text messages make me smile and laugh. Always.
  • Bizarre and malleable facial expressions make my day.
  • Way of thinking and talking to people is incredibly appealing to me.
  • Everything is just sweet/cute/endearing/lovable.


  • Interact with people in a unique and enjoyable way.
  • Have a stupidly adorable voice.
  • Are attractive in a lotlotlot of ways.
  • Have friends that I already greatly enjoy knowing.
  • Are precious.

I am:

  • Infatuated.
  • Pleasantly surprised by how quickly I developed this crush.
  • Hopeful.
  • Hamburger Girl.
  • Me: This is seriously the prettiest poptart I've ever seen. It's bright and pretty and edible.
  • Kirsten: I can be a poptart if you'd like...
  • Me: You can be bright and pretty and edible?
  • Kirsten: /nod
  • Me: Well then. Okay.