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King Tut's Blade Made of Meteorite

King Tut was buried with a dagger made of an iron that literally came from space, says a new study into the composition of the iron blade from the sarcophagus of the boy king.

Using non-invasive, portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometry, a team of Italian and Egyptian researchers confirmed that the iron of the dagger placed on the right thigh of King Tut’s mummified body a has meteoric origin.

The team, which include researchers from Milan Polytechnic, Pisa University and the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, detailed their results in the journal Meteoritics and Planetary Science.

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He’s got a ball, he’s got a baby ball.

To elaborate:

Nickel and Baseball have a son named Rubber Ball. They bought him for 9000 dollars. He’s worth it, trust me.

They’re both loving parents, if a bit overprotective.

Rubber Ball, meanwhile, desires only to bounce.

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My tongue piercing experience: discussing materials

After my tongue’d healed up I was able to experience the pleasure of purchasing new piercings. This is what I learned about materials (I’m not a professional so correct me if I got anything wrong)

Surgical stainless steel: It’s what you get pierced with usually. It looks flattering and shiny. The bad thing about it it’s that it’s harder than your teeth. It means that if you’re not careful enough, you can bite on the balls and chip your teeth.

Titanium: If you are allergic to nickel the piercer shouldn’t use steel. Titanium has a much lower nickel content, therefore this is the material your piercer might use to pierce you.

Bioplast: It’s a new thing on the market. Piercings made of bioplast come in many different colours. They are flexible and comfy. And if you bite on the balls they won’t ruin your teeth. It’s better to break the piercing than your teeth, right?

Acrylic: I’ve heard many bad things about it. It can harbour bacteria, cause infections, break down  and start releasing toxins. Yet, it’s one of the most popular piercing materials. Acrylic balls come in various shapes and colours and they are extremely cheap. I’d say it shouldn’t be a problem if it’s not something you wear daily. If you end up wearing acrylic, I suggest you to purchase a bar made of one of the materials above and only use balls made of acrylic.

I ordered my piercings online from Most of them are pretty cheap and there are many colours and materials that you can choose from. I got free shipping and even 15% off, which I think is a great deal.

This is my collection now. A bioplast retainer, a stainless steel piercing that I got at my local piercing studio, two acrylic-balls piercings and two bioplast piercings. One of the bioplast ones is in my tongue now and it’s super comfy!!

You can check out the whole healing process on my blog.

Take care! x