nickel boards

anonymous asked:

Am I crazy? Did you mention you like riding Pennies? For what?

Totally!  One of my first boards was a Penny way back in middle school.  I mainly used it to get to school because it was small, durable, and fit in my backpack.  I love that they’re getting big again!  Lots of people avoid them because they think they’re just a campus hipster fad, but they’re awesome boards (and honestly, most people who dislike them are total elitists and the same skaters who hate longboarders–who gives a shit what someone’s riding? it’s all legit skating).  I was wary of plastic boards even back then, particularly the lack of griptape (which you can always add on later, if you want. I personally don’t), but they have great pop and totally hold up to grinding.  There’s also the Nickel size, which I got recently.  I personally love it.  Along with my other boards, I have a Penny and a Nickel, and they get just as much use as any of the others.

If you like loose trucks, which I personally do, that’s how Penny’s are initially set up.  Of course you can tighten them if you don’t, but that really restricts your ability to pump and carve effectively, which is pretty important even if you’re just cruising.  I’m also continuously surprised by how fast they are, and being kind of a speed hog, I think that’s one of their best features.  If you’re a fan of fibreflex skate/longboards, then you’ll like how flexible a Penny is.  I don’t weigh all that much, nor do I have very large feet (105 lbs and 7.5 in women’s shoes), and it’s super flexible for me.  Not overly so, though.  

Anyways, yeah…  Fun boards!  :D  Let me know if you have any more questions!